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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Spectre Review

No....he's not Ethan Hunt...this is James Bond 
Spectre Review – Bond is back (what else is new?)
Really...he is back! 
James Bond (Daniel Craig) unknowingly discovers that an organisation (Spectre) is behind the recent disturbing events (you know the usual bombing and killing of innocent people) happening around the world. Naturally he goes around digging for more information while his new boss, M (Ralph Fiennes) is stuck in headquarters trying to convince his soon-to-be-boss, C (Andrew Scott ) that James Bond is not a rouge agent and that the 007 programme is still needed in the modern era. (Pardon me but it sounds tad too similar to the latest Mission Impossible : Rouge Nation storyline, watch and you will understand what I mean) Anyway, as usual Bond sets on his mission to bring the person responsible to face the justice. Turns out it has some connection to James’s past. Yada yada yada…Seriously…Spectre has nothing new to offer so I don’t think I need to elaborate too much on plot (if there’s any there is).  
The Director and the 'Baddies'
Before anything else, let me put this out…my favourite Bond is Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig on the other hand seems to lack something (I’m not sure what it is though). This is Craig’s final Bond flick and sadly he ends on a weak note (in my opinion). Skyfall would have been a better swan song for him instead. From the not so memorable theme song by Sam Smith to the weakest Bond girls (Monica Bellucci’s role is totally wasted here!) and lame villain (why Christoph Waltz? Why?), Spectre failed to hit the mark. Heck even Q (Ben Whishaw) has been turned into a mere tech guy instead of handing out super cool gadgets like the old Q used to do. Action fans may enjoy the occasional car chase or explosion scenes but as a movie in whole…am sorry it just appears as wannabe of its past spy-self. 
'Bonding' of the Bond girls. 
With Mission Impossible still going strong after five releases and new spy emerging in form of Kingsman, James Bond have to buck up its franchise or remain a shadow of its former glory and fade into abyss.
Best part of the preview, posing ala Bond with my friends. 
P/s - Thank you Star2 for the preview tickets!  

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