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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Victor Frankenstein Review

When a wizard and mutant combine force. 
Victor Frankenstein Review – You know the name but do you know the story?
Think that's a good idea? 
A hunchback (Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe) has never been outside of the circus until stumbling upon Victor Frankenstein (James ‘Professor X’ McAvoy) by chance. Upon discovering the genius mind of the said hunchback, Victor decides to ‘free’ and give him a new lease of life. Turning on a new leaf, Igor slowly becomes Victor’s partner-in-science out to make history. Together they discover a way to ‘create’ life. Their ambition however takes a spin into a dangerous path. With humanity being at stake, will they ‘creation’ withstand one person greedy ambition to redeem his part mistake?
The players...sort of
Two big names in the film industry sadly is not enough to avoid the many flaws that the movie carries. There are so many plot holes which were covered by the noisy special effects. A non-existing storyline didn’t help much either. The only saving grace was leads performance which otherwise would have turned this movie into an ugly monster just like the title. I really don’t see the point of this film being made, except for just maybe to satisfy the ego of some people with loads of money to come out with another so-called flick about a famous beast.

Come back with a better movie please you two! 
I’m sorry Daniel and James but both of you are worth more than what this monstrous disaster of the movie have to offer. 
P/s - Thank you Budieydotcom for the preview pass. 

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