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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Welcome to Kontitki Restaurant! 
A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Projek Travel to join them to try out the new BBQ Buffet Dinner with Steamboat at Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Being a huge seafood and steamboat ‘eater’ it was foodie dream come true for me. 
Yum yum yummmmmmmm

The moment I arrived, my eyes was already sending ‘food-formation’ to my tummy that I am going to a ‘food-mazing’ time trying out as much dishes as possible that was served. However, I had to control my craving beforehand and snap pictures first to capture the beautiful way the grubs was displayed. 
Look at that spreadddddd!!! 
The array of Seafood On Ice is a great way to start as appetisers. Waiting to swim in your tummy are fresh crab, prawns, ‘slipper lobster’, yabbies’ and oyster. It is guaranteed party in your belly kinda catch!
Oyyyy.....want some oyster???
As for the main dish one can opt for either BBQ or steamboat style. Or if you stomach agrees, why not go for both? The BBQ is prepared by experienced Chefs with ingredients ranging from sausage, chicken wing, squid, prawn, crabs among others, all of which had already been marinated. 
Flame on!!! 
Whilst if you pick the steamboat, your choice of items are from seafood, dumpling, tofu, mushrooms, noodles and varieties of fresh vegetables. 
Take your pick! 
The soup offered is both the chicken and tom yam flavoured. You could go no wrong with such tasty options. 
From the plate to the 'pot'! 
Another corner that may entice your appetite is the ‘roasted section’, serving hot roasted lamb rack, prime ribs, chicken and also baked whole salmon fish. You can have it with a choice of mint, mushroom, black pepper, rosemary or white cream herb sauces. 
'Roar'sted and ready to go!
I have to admit, it was the first time I ever ‘saw’ a ‘full figured’ salmon fish. 
I opted for the lamb rack and it was simply delicious.  
Come to Mama!!! 
Coming back to the main buffet, there are several dishes, such as Thai Green Curry Chicken, Chicken Rice, sushi, salads, along with delectable desserts waiting to be devoured. 
'Dancing' desserts! 
How to resist when it looks this good? 
My personal favourite was the Lamb Stew! I helped myself to two serving and I’m still salivating over it! That’s one good lamb stew I tell ya! Yummy yum yum. 
I'm still dreaming of this tasty Lamb Stew! 
I hope I got your attention with my description of the scrumptious spread but don’t just take my word for it. Get over Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with your family or friends to savour the best taste with a great value for money.
Come one! Come all! 

Price for Tiki BBQ Buffet & Steamboat Dinner :
RM128 adult
RM78 kids / senior citizens

Days :
Friday and Saturday

Time :
6.30pm until 10.00pm

For reservation please contact

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Kontiki Restaurant at Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I would like to thank Project Travel for the invite and Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the lovely treat! 
With the boys from Projek Travel!
Thanks for the invite guys! 

* picture credits to Projek Travel and Kontiki Restaurant.


  1. Ambil gambar ngn boy aja kan. Hahahaha

    1. Erk....kenai depa dua ekor je kottttttttt. Ehehehehehe ;)

  2. wow, great experience with team projek travel :)