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Sunday, 4 September 2016

#Pek4k Review

Awak sila jadi peka dan pegi tengok gambar ni bole tak?
Pekak Review – Another great local production after the release of Ola Bola, Jagat, Redha and Munafik recently. 
Kalau ada Dara...
Called it fate (although it’s just a movie) but it’s only natural for a deaf drug-pusher called Uda (Zahiril Adzim) to bump and form an unlikely friendship with a confused teenage girl called Dara (Sharifah Amani). Having to live by himself, Uda resort to dealing drugs to save enough money to pay for his cochlear implant surgery while Dara befriends a wild child, Melur (Sharifah Sakinah) at school who is into life of a party animal. Although Dara tags along with Melur to her wild parties and couples up with rich kid, Kamil (Iedil Putra), she knows her boundary. During one of Melur’s boyfriend, Azman Picasso (Amerul Affendi) party, Dara end up spending a better time with Uda and begin their ‘relationship’. However, just when Uda has enough money to proceed with his dream of being able to hear Dara’s voice, tragedy strikes. How will this affects Uda and Dara’s bond? Haaaa….tang tu, ko kena lar pi tengok gamba ni bro. I don’t want to spoil it for you ok. 
Mesti lar ada Uda kan?
Let me start off with the amazing chemistry between Zahiril and Amani, they are just so cute together. Especially when they have to communicate using text message. Their facial reaction and expression will make you root for these two to get together. I don’t have to mention about how talented Amani is or else this review might turn into a karangan praising her wonderful talent. (I lap you Amani!) While Zahiril also shine with his unique charm. Meanwhile the ‘baddie’, Amerul deserves a special award for being such an arsehole. I was personally wishing for him to suffer for all his bad deeds and (spoiler alert!) when it finally happened, I almost jumped out of my seat in ‘geramness’! As for the other Sharifah in this flick, watch out for these lass as Sakinah will be going places after this film and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer in the future. A gifted cast coupled with an equally brilliant storyline to depict the social problem our society is facing now will surely lure those out there to watch and perhaps learn a thing or two about making the right decision in their life. One small mistake is all it takes to ruin a chance for a better life. Remember that kids!   

Jom lar deting pegi tgk #Pek4k.
Amidst the mat rempit, ghost and whatnot, once in a while great mind of Malaysian film makers comes out with precious treasure such as Pek4k. Don’t turn deaf and miss this wonderful movie, so go watch, go support so we can continue watching great movie such as this in the future.  

Don't Breath Review

Don't Breathe Review – Warning – Do not pay attention to the title of the movie and remember to breath. 
Blind helpless man my arse!!!
The plan has been simple, break in, take what you can, get out and don’t get caught. This has been the modus operandi for small time robbers. However when they get tips about an old blind x military man living by himself with a hefty sum of money hidden at his isolated home. The trio takes it as an opportunity to turn their lives around with this one last job. Little did they expect that they about to take part in a life or death situation once they discover the truth about the blind man. Can these kids make it out alive with their loot or end up being a decorative item on the wall of the blind man? 
No shite Sherlock!
You would think twice about messing with a blind man after watching this film. The casting director pulled off a magnificent job selecting Stephen Lang (remember the bad arse commando in Avatar?) as the blind man. After a while just his sheer ‘blind eye’ vision will make you shutter in fear. What more when he starts his cat and mouse game with his visitors. I actually felt chill down my spines few times while my friend couldn’t stop saying WTF in disbelief at some of the scenes. This only shows how good this flick is. The visuals, the creepy sound truly matches the environment and in no time you will find yourself being breathless. 

The talented cast with their Director
As I mentioned earlier, do not forget to breath while watching this movie or you might pass out at the intensity of the circumstances taking place from the moment the silly kids decides to rob a ‘blind man’. Blind he maybe but one deadly bad arse fella with an equally bad arse guard dog. There were moments when my legs were literally up in the air trying to avoid being dragged or bitten. I also accidently shouted out loud in surprise so can you imagine how shocked I was?! God damn movie! God damn you movie! But God damn it’s a good movie though! That I have guts to admit.

Nine Lives Review

Call me Mr. Fuzzypants.
Nine Lives Review – Remember Tim Allen turning into a dog few years back in Shaggy Dog? Well, now its Kevin Spacey’s to turn into a tomcat. 
Family potrait
Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is busy building his brand-pun intended that he often neglects his family. As usual, his daughter request for a pet cat for her birthday but Tom hates these furry creatures. As luck or destiny would have it perhaps, Tom ends up in front of mystical pet shop filled with exotic and odd felines. An even more strange circumstance takes place during a mishap with Tom waking up in the body of a cat called Mr. Fuzzypants. Left with no choice, he had to stomach, both the food (UGH) and life as a tomcat. Only then he realizes what he have been missing out and slowly embrace and appreciate his and others existence even better. 
Cat whisperer Walken
Kevin Spacey has one of the most distinguished voices that one could easily recognise him playing either a bad grasshopper (A Bug’s Life) or in this case, a cat. Even without a physical appearance, Kevin will get you feeling all kind of emotions. Credit goes the actual cat as well for playing ‘his’ roll well too. There are CGI involved in some movements but all is forgiven because of the light-heartedness of the story. Meanwhile I have to mention Christopher Walken with his once again bizarre appeal, those who remember him in The Click (with Adam Sandler when he was still making decent movies) will have a chuckle as he ‘speaks’ to his cats and for me it seemed like he got promoted from sales clerk at Bed Bath and Beyond into having his own pet shop in this film.    

I love meself some know what I mean?
As a cat lover myself, I enjoyed this flick immensely. Just forget about the simple storyline and you might learn how to love your family and also fur-mily. 

Suicide Squad Review

Not your ordinary squad this one is.
Suicide Squad Review – Tired of superhero’s saving human? How about a bunch of baddies taking over the job instead?
Which criminal would you pick to protect you?
Where do I even start? Perhaps on how Batffleck I mean Batman,  after defeating Superman, noticed that there are other superhumanly freaks roaming around the town, some of whom he helped to capture so that government agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) can lock them up only to use their ‘service’ when she sees the need. Among ‘em band of bandits are Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), to name a few. They are kept in tow by Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) who is in love with Professor June Moone. This smart arse of a women discovers something nasty in a cave and get possessed by an ancient spirit called Enchantress. Pretty soon all hell breaks loose as Enchantress unleashes her power. Adding to the odd equation is Harley Quinn neurotic boyfriend, Joker (Jared Leto). Just like other and every superhero movies lately, the planet is in peril so can these peculiar line-up put their differences aside and work together as boyband…err….I mean squad? Albeit being referred to as Suicide Squad. 
Why Jared? Why? Tsk Tsk 
The most obvious thing to notice from this flick is of course the impressive cast from veteran Smith to Hollywood’s new it girl Margot to Jared’s transformation into the new Joker. Role wise however, some do shine brighter than others. Unfortunately after much hype during the movie’s initial trailer releases, Jared actually only appear for few short moments here and there. Here’s to hoping for a proper Joker flick sometime in near future. Word in the street said Suicide Squad (SS) was twerked here and there after Superman v Batman received some bad reviews (read mine here) which I think helped with the mood of the story which otherwise would have also been dark and gloomy. It didn’t escape DC Comics usual trademark of being grimmer than Marvel’s more colourful features. SS also is filled with tonnes of special effects, sometimes going overboard but luckily some wise music choice made it still barely to watch. Just get your eyes and ears ready for expensive CGI images and hard rocking song blasting from time to time. 

The cast behind the mask, make up and what not. 
All said and done, SS is much much much better than the idiotic Superman v Batman released earlier this year. The storyline however is still pretty much the good guys against the bad except that the good guys are actually bad guys while the bad one is actually an ancient entity looking to take over the world. Aaaaaaaeeeeee….again and again the ‘take over the world’ plot. I really don’t understand what is so great about taking over the world. If you can have enough to be happy, isn’t that already worth more than the whole world or am I the only one who is missing something here? *raise eyebrow. 

The Shallows Review

Wanna go for a surf?

The Shallows Review – Modern day Jaws goes against modern day suffer chick. Who will win? 

Can you see it?!

Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) puts her life on hold after losing someone dear to her and makes her way to a special place. Once there, she contacts her remaining family members to inform her intention of just taking things slow and steady. She then picks up her surf board to catch some amazing waves. She comes across two surfer dudes and also a huge whale carcass. Little did she know that she was being carefully watched by another creature of the ocean. Without a warning she gets knocked off her balance and pretty soon it becomes a fight for life or death situation. Can a tiny but gutsy lass take down this huge monster that is bend on having her as its meal? 

Bring it on you stupid shark - Nancy

Right from the moment I glanced at the huge arse shark, I was praying for Nancy’s safety. To make matter worse, the camerawork got me praying even harder when she gets pulled into the water and comes out with a huge gash on her thigh. I was cringing when I saw the wound and as she started to stitch her skin back. The bloody background music didn’t help my situation any better capturing those anxious moments. Talk about carrying the whole movie on her own. The casting director did an awesome job by hiring Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. She has the right amount girly and daring personality to make you root for her survival. Blake really gives a Lively-pun intended performance in this flick right from the start till THE END…am I talking about THE END of the movie or THE END of her character’s life? Well…that part you gotta watch the movie yourself to find out. 

Arghhhhhh....I dropped my damn contact lence again! 

If you have fear of water, stay away from this flick. You might find yourself gasping for air whenever the water level is going up and down while you catch a glimpse of that infamous triangle fin lurking for an opportunity for an attack. High tide, low tide, goodness me, the beach whale in me is still shrieking at the thought of being dragged into the sea and mauled by the beast. Just for now, I will just park my arse on sand and won’t even dare to enter the water, even if it looks shallow. 

Lights Out Review

Nice that for me?
Lights Out – What if your imaginary childhood friend refuses to leave you even after you reach adulthood and wants to be your friend for life?'s me....
After enduring some traumatic childhood experience, now twenty-something Rebecca (Theresa Palmer) is shocked to find out that her step-brother is facing the same situation. The situation? Their mother’s imaginary friend refusal to leave her alone. The trauma? Sophie’s (Maria Bello) friend Diana (that damn scary ghost) would do anything to stay in her life for as long as she keeps the Lights Out. Her poor kids have had enough and decide to intervene and rescue their mother for once and all. This makes ‘Diana’ furious and goes all out to make her stay permanent. Can Rebecca liberate her mother or will Sophie remain a prisoner in her own life? 
Family reunion?
Playing just with three (3) main characters, four (4) if you include the damn scary ghost, the Director managed to captured different types of reaction for a single situation. Theresa was remarkable in her role as protective sister towards her little scared step-brother while having to deal with her own life. Bateman as the young helpless boy but still concern about his mother’s condition. Meanwhile, Maria Bello will stir even more emotions in you from sympathising over her tiredness and distraction to getting mad at her for neglecting her kids. Meanwhile as for that damn scary ghost, well…screw my electricity bill, I will keep my lights on ALL THE TIME even when it’s daylight to keep that bitch away from me! this Zouk sis?
These damn scary movies and their damn concepts. Now I can’t even turn the Lights Out without having to pray there is nothing lurking in the dark. Thank God my kitties are around and rescue me. I think, I hope they will rescue me. Wait…I think I hear someone scratching somewhere, heck it’s just my Lexie boy, I hope…meow…