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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Shallows Review

Wanna go for a surf?

The Shallows Review – Modern day Jaws goes against modern day suffer chick. Who will win? 

Can you see it?!

Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) puts her life on hold after losing someone dear to her and makes her way to a special place. Once there, she contacts her remaining family members to inform her intention of just taking things slow and steady. She then picks up her surf board to catch some amazing waves. She comes across two surfer dudes and also a huge whale carcass. Little did she know that she was being carefully watched by another creature of the ocean. Without a warning she gets knocked off her balance and pretty soon it becomes a fight for life or death situation. Can a tiny but gutsy lass take down this huge monster that is bend on having her as its meal? 

Bring it on you stupid shark - Nancy

Right from the moment I glanced at the huge arse shark, I was praying for Nancy’s safety. To make matter worse, the camerawork got me praying even harder when she gets pulled into the water and comes out with a huge gash on her thigh. I was cringing when I saw the wound and as she started to stitch her skin back. The bloody background music didn’t help my situation any better capturing those anxious moments. Talk about carrying the whole movie on her own. The casting director did an awesome job by hiring Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. She has the right amount girly and daring personality to make you root for her survival. Blake really gives a Lively-pun intended performance in this flick right from the start till THE END…am I talking about THE END of the movie or THE END of her character’s life? Well…that part you gotta watch the movie yourself to find out. 

Arghhhhhh....I dropped my damn contact lence again! 

If you have fear of water, stay away from this flick. You might find yourself gasping for air whenever the water level is going up and down while you catch a glimpse of that infamous triangle fin lurking for an opportunity for an attack. High tide, low tide, goodness me, the beach whale in me is still shrieking at the thought of being dragged into the sea and mauled by the beast. Just for now, I will just park my arse on sand and won’t even dare to enter the water, even if it looks shallow. 

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