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Sunday, 4 September 2016

#Pek4k Review

Awak sila jadi peka dan pegi tengok gambar ni bole tak?
Pekak Review – Another great local production after the release of Ola Bola, Jagat, Redha and Munafik recently. 
Kalau ada Dara...
Called it fate (although it’s just a movie) but it’s only natural for a deaf drug-pusher called Uda (Zahiril Adzim) to bump and form an unlikely friendship with a confused teenage girl called Dara (Sharifah Amani). Having to live by himself, Uda resort to dealing drugs to save enough money to pay for his cochlear implant surgery while Dara befriends a wild child, Melur (Sharifah Sakinah) at school who is into life of a party animal. Although Dara tags along with Melur to her wild parties and couples up with rich kid, Kamil (Iedil Putra), she knows her boundary. During one of Melur’s boyfriend, Azman Picasso (Amerul Affendi) party, Dara end up spending a better time with Uda and begin their ‘relationship’. However, just when Uda has enough money to proceed with his dream of being able to hear Dara’s voice, tragedy strikes. How will this affects Uda and Dara’s bond? Haaaa….tang tu, ko kena lar pi tengok gamba ni bro. I don’t want to spoil it for you ok. 
Mesti lar ada Uda kan?
Let me start off with the amazing chemistry between Zahiril and Amani, they are just so cute together. Especially when they have to communicate using text message. Their facial reaction and expression will make you root for these two to get together. I don’t have to mention about how talented Amani is or else this review might turn into a karangan praising her wonderful talent. (I lap you Amani!) While Zahiril also shine with his unique charm. Meanwhile the ‘baddie’, Amerul deserves a special award for being such an arsehole. I was personally wishing for him to suffer for all his bad deeds and (spoiler alert!) when it finally happened, I almost jumped out of my seat in ‘geramness’! As for the other Sharifah in this flick, watch out for these lass as Sakinah will be going places after this film and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer in the future. A gifted cast coupled with an equally brilliant storyline to depict the social problem our society is facing now will surely lure those out there to watch and perhaps learn a thing or two about making the right decision in their life. One small mistake is all it takes to ruin a chance for a better life. Remember that kids!   

Jom lar deting pegi tgk #Pek4k.
Amidst the mat rempit, ghost and whatnot, once in a while great mind of Malaysian film makers comes out with precious treasure such as Pek4k. Don’t turn deaf and miss this wonderful movie, so go watch, go support so we can continue watching great movie such as this in the future.  

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