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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lights Out Review

Nice that for me?
Lights Out – What if your imaginary childhood friend refuses to leave you even after you reach adulthood and wants to be your friend for life?'s me....
After enduring some traumatic childhood experience, now twenty-something Rebecca (Theresa Palmer) is shocked to find out that her step-brother is facing the same situation. The situation? Their mother’s imaginary friend refusal to leave her alone. The trauma? Sophie’s (Maria Bello) friend Diana (that damn scary ghost) would do anything to stay in her life for as long as she keeps the Lights Out. Her poor kids have had enough and decide to intervene and rescue their mother for once and all. This makes ‘Diana’ furious and goes all out to make her stay permanent. Can Rebecca liberate her mother or will Sophie remain a prisoner in her own life? 
Family reunion?
Playing just with three (3) main characters, four (4) if you include the damn scary ghost, the Director managed to captured different types of reaction for a single situation. Theresa was remarkable in her role as protective sister towards her little scared step-brother while having to deal with her own life. Bateman as the young helpless boy but still concern about his mother’s condition. Meanwhile, Maria Bello will stir even more emotions in you from sympathising over her tiredness and distraction to getting mad at her for neglecting her kids. Meanwhile as for that damn scary ghost, well…screw my electricity bill, I will keep my lights on ALL THE TIME even when it’s daylight to keep that bitch away from me! this Zouk sis?
These damn scary movies and their damn concepts. Now I can’t even turn the Lights Out without having to pray there is nothing lurking in the dark. Thank God my kitties are around and rescue me. I think, I hope they will rescue me. Wait…I think I hear someone scratching somewhere, heck it’s just my Lexie boy, I hope…meow…  

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