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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nine Lives Review

Call me Mr. Fuzzypants.
Nine Lives Review – Remember Tim Allen turning into a dog few years back in Shaggy Dog? Well, now its Kevin Spacey’s to turn into a tomcat. 
Family potrait
Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is busy building his brand-pun intended that he often neglects his family. As usual, his daughter request for a pet cat for her birthday but Tom hates these furry creatures. As luck or destiny would have it perhaps, Tom ends up in front of mystical pet shop filled with exotic and odd felines. An even more strange circumstance takes place during a mishap with Tom waking up in the body of a cat called Mr. Fuzzypants. Left with no choice, he had to stomach, both the food (UGH) and life as a tomcat. Only then he realizes what he have been missing out and slowly embrace and appreciate his and others existence even better. 
Cat whisperer Walken
Kevin Spacey has one of the most distinguished voices that one could easily recognise him playing either a bad grasshopper (A Bug’s Life) or in this case, a cat. Even without a physical appearance, Kevin will get you feeling all kind of emotions. Credit goes the actual cat as well for playing ‘his’ roll well too. There are CGI involved in some movements but all is forgiven because of the light-heartedness of the story. Meanwhile I have to mention Christopher Walken with his once again bizarre appeal, those who remember him in The Click (with Adam Sandler when he was still making decent movies) will have a chuckle as he ‘speaks’ to his cats and for me it seemed like he got promoted from sales clerk at Bed Bath and Beyond into having his own pet shop in this film.    

I love meself some know what I mean?
As a cat lover myself, I enjoyed this flick immensely. Just forget about the simple storyline and you might learn how to love your family and also fur-mily. 

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