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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hangover 3 review

The Wolfpack minus one fella

Hangover 3 review – Hmm…where do I start? First of all, the movie does not involve the Wolf Pack getting pissed drunk and having a hangover, it’s more like a misadventure when they try to send away Alan (Zach ‘try saying his last name sober and you still get it wrong’ Galifianakis) after his stunt involving an endangered animal! The gang re-unites for a road trip and of course they go off course. They meet their old friend Mr. Leslie Chow (Ken ‘I like to say Mothafucker a lot’ Jeong) and also a new baddie in the form of Marshall (John ‘I love this dude’ Goodman). Melissa ‘I suspect she is related to Fat Amy’ McCarthy also makes the cast, too bad her character was not fully utilized. In fact the whole other charterers were not fully utilized as I feel Mr. Chow stole most of the spotlight. It was not even about the Wolfpack much, more like Mr. Chow featuring Alan, Phil and Stu.
 They go on their usual misadventure and whatever you think can go wrong goes wrong and at one point I was like, God please give them a break la. Why on Earth would you test these people over and over and over again? What did they do in their past life? The boys, Bradley, Ed & Justin play their deer-caught-in-the-headlight part just like they did in the first two movies so they got nothing new to offer. If you are looking to some silly laugh with no substance, give this a watch or else, go get the earlier DVD’s and watch it again. The movie kinda lost its charm in the sequels but still watchable with hope there won’t be any more follow-up.
Do your walk of shame guys...
I got nothing more to write, I had the option of watching either this or Now You See Me (NYSM) and I think I made the less smart choice. Now excuse me while I got watch NYSM consisting off Jesse, Isla, Morgan, Michael, Woody….argh….just look at the cast!!! How on Earth did I choose to watch Hangover 3 instead of NYSM? *while checking out time NYSM 
Rest in Peace and stay off the alcohol guys!
Tsk tsk tsk...hang in coming!


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Review

Welcome back boys, girls and hot cars! :)
Fast & Furious 6 Review – Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. That’s what Stitch says in Lilo and Stitch and that’s pretty much what keeps Fast & Furious franchise going. Dom (Vin Diesel) keeps reminding the authority, that they are family (he must be a closet fan of Lilo and Stitch me thinks!) Speaking of Dom’s family, what a universal keluarga it’s made up, blonde white dude, bald white guy, two black brothers, a Japanese fella and a hot Brazilian chick. Dayum! Wish I was part of this family! Sounds cooler than Bradngelina’s family ey?
Colorful hot family!!!
Anyhow, after a big pay out in the last installment, the crew live their American dream, ironically outside of America because of their colorful criminal records. They get a chance to clear their rap sheet while retrieve a lost ‘family member’ who they thought was dead.
I believe I can fly.... watch out for flying black brother!
The team has to take down their ‘twin-evil’ as they travel through Spain and England. They are put through chasing cars, big arse tanks, speeding bikes, heck they even bring down as plane! They are helped by ‘Samoan Thor’, Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) and his side kick. You can guess how the story ends but the action and adrenaline keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Don't mess with this two!
 Watching the cast feels like a mini-reunion you didn’t get invited to! Each of them plays their part like they are born to do it, so strap on your seat belt and enjoy the ride!
Yummyyyy.....but....ending part....y owh y??? :'(
Ride or die Fast & Furious style! Vroooom vroooom! 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pee Mak (Thai movie) Review

Jum gi Fun Fair Sayang!

Pee Mak (Thai movie) Review – Here’s a confession. I avoid watching horror movie because I’m a scary pants, I especially avoid watching Thai horror movie because it will haunt me even after years of watching it, case of point (Shutter, I still shitee bricks remembering how the movie ended – Ironically this movie is directed by the same Director!)
I lap yew wifeyyyyy!!!
I made exception for this flick because I heard it’s a mix of horror and comedy…hmm…Thai horror comedy? This should be interesting kan? Dah ler title dia pun semacam jer…Pee Mak (tuka sket je into a BM word silap haribulan sure kena sepak!) The meaning of Pee Mak is the name of the main character, shorty referred to as Mak.

On the side note, if you are thinking of getting a hair-cut soon, not the typical boring ones but the krezi ones, I dare you to chop your hair into one of the character’s style! Memang giler lar their hair dresser!
Haaaaa.....mana satu hair style u mau? kekeke
As for the story, it starts with a bunch of friends who are soldiers stuck in a war with Mak’s wife heavily pregnant and something happens while she was about to give birth. Mak and his friends make it alive out of the ravaging war and they folo Mak back to his kampung. Once they reach the place, they are greeted by Nak (Mak’s wife) and his new born baby boy named Dang. When the guys try to find job at the kampong, they get starred and the villagers avoid them like plague. 
Hubby, are you home?
Some suspicious events leads Mak’s friend to believe that his wife is aculi not ‘what’ she is. This cause a lot confusion which leads funny and scary events but in the end the love between Mak and Nak proofs that love sometimes supersedes everything else.

Errrr...guys, what are we looking at?
I should warn you to please clear your bladder because you will be laughing your lungs out every few minutes. If you have weak bladder, get ready to wet your seat, coz I almost did! Memang kelakar giler so if you had a bad day, set aside all that crap and come laugh till you cry. If you don’t laugh out loud please go see a shrink because you might have lost your sense of humor along your serious life.

I highly recommend this and don’t mind watching it over and over again whenever I’m having a bad day.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Review

Guess who is the Real Gatsby?

 The Great Gatsby Review – Warning ‘Old Sport’! Please clear your bladder before you enter the cinema as this flick is 2 hours 22 minutes long which in my opinion could have been a looooooooooooot shorter if it wasn’t moving slower than snail phase at some parts. Don’t get me wrong ‘Old Sport’, it is an awesome watch, it’s just that some parts were dragged waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.
Leo, call me, please. Thank you very much!
 Story wise ‘Old Sport’, I’ve not read the book so I didn’t quite know what it’s about except that it’s directed by Baz Lurhmann and starring Leo, Toby and Carrie. I didn’t go through the cast list so imagine my surprise ‘Old Sport’ when I saw Big B and Borat’s wife (that’s Amitabh Bachchan and Isla Fisher!) on the screen. Each of them played their part damn well, you will fall in love with Leo as Jay Gatsby the moment he appears on screen, you will love the way Tobey’s Nick tells you the story of Gatsby’s life.  Carrie’s Daisy will make you cringe once you find out who she picked in the end. Heck, even Joel’s Tom Buchanan will make you sweat in your seat. Baz sure did pick a great ensemble, I can see some names in next year’s Oscar’s list.
Damn drool-worthy cast! Even the ugly one looks good!
  As for the set, settings, style and what not, it’s all damn classy, I will wish I was in the movie even just an extra. Would be a dream come true to witness the lavish style and swagger. Fuh! Memang gempak dowh! More Oscar nods for sure lah for this movie. If not, I dono what to say. The music, mak datuk! Best giler siottttt!!! Even tough the setting is in the 1920’s, the music is very current. See if you can hear Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, Jay Z, Lana Dey Ray, Gotye, Fergie. If you wanna chill on a lazy Sunday afternoon, go get this OST. Totally worth it ‘Old Sport’.
Let's Dance babeh!
As for the story ‘Old Sport’, it goes in a narrative mode, where Nick tells the story of his mysterious neighbor with his extravagant lifestyle. Nick tries to figure out who the real Jay Gatsby is as he keeps hearing so many different version stories about him. Nick gets to observe Gatsby’s closely once he finds out why Jay wants to be his friend despite having so many people attending his over-the-top party every weekend. It’s a tale of love, adultery, greed…in short it has the seven sins we know about. The ending is really kinda sad (think Leo in his Titanic role! *hint hint) It also goes to show, it does not matter how many gazzilion friends you have ‘Old Sport’, in the end if you have one person standing next to you is good enough ‘Old sport’. That’s the friend you should value and cherish ‘Old Sport’.
Catch the green dock light if you can 

Stop drooling Mani! ehehe ;)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

It's so good, I mite just watch it again, in 3D!

Star Trek Into Darkness Review – Before the review, leme tell you what happened…I somehow missed the premier screening and was kicking myself over it till out of nowhere, my friend (Thanks Ganesh!) called me while I was just few stations away from reaching home… ‘Wey nak tengok Star Trek tonite tak?’ Say whuuuuuuuuuuuuttt!!! Nasib baik dalam lrt kalau tak dah jerit dah! but but but…I’m wearing baju kurung…hmm…nak turun and switch direction or balik tuka baju? Dalam kesemputan I managed to get home, tukar baju, feed and apologize to my kitties and zoomed my way to Curve via 2 lrt and a bus ride. Sampai dalam 5-10 minutes lambat je. Ok la kan?

Ok now, back to business…masuk lambat kan so I missed the beginning part a bit. Tengok-tengok Kirk (Chris Pine) dah inside a bar drinking his sorry arse for messing up a mission (in this case meant he saved Spock’s (Zachary Quinto) life from being burned in a volcano!) As the story goes Kirk gets a second chance (otherwise tadelah sequel ni kan?). 
It is hot in here or it's just me?
However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he loses his mentor and was bent on avenging his death by whacking a one man mass Weapon of Destruction (WD). This WD fella is later revealed as one of the Star Trek’s greatest villain. I’m not a trekkie but I know a villain when I see one!
In the between captaining USS Enterprise, bickering with Spock, getting revenge and all that radiation, Kirk gets his hands full and something happens…que emo music…
Now it’s up to Spock and you catch the movie youself to witness as awesome ending!

As for the cast, Chris and Zac are perfect choice. Their chemistry is so good, I wish they would get into a ‘relationship’ on board a ship – pun intended (hehehe!) Zoe speaks alien language well (makes me look forward to Avatar2) while the rest of the supporting cast shine bright when they get their moment on spotlight. The baddie in this flick played brilliantly by Benedict Cumberbatch (damn this guy has changed a lot since Atonement!) He plays the villain in such a cool giler manner. 
Yummy, yum yum!
 J.J. Abrams have certainly revive Star Trek franchise and this sequel most certainly escaped the curse of being a stinker after the success of the first one. It’s full of action, passion and overall well executed. I kept hearing audience applauding in amazement. Bet some even cried during a ‘touching scene’, not that kinda ‘touching’ you pervert but I like that way you think! *wink wink
Unfortunately some ‘interesting scenes’ was snipped off! Stupid lar! Potong stim jer! Chey!
One of the deleted scene....wat's sooo bad about this? Stupido *drool opsy! ;)
 Drop what you are doing and 'beam' yourself to the nearest cinema to enjoy this ‘warping’ blockbuster flick! Trekkie or no trekkie, you will enjoy this voyage!
Wacha waiting for? Cepat gi tengok!
 P/s – I hope if there’s another sequel, they can add Malaysian English speaking style! It’s so funny/interesting listening to so many different English accents on this movie. Memang universal! Bring on the final frontier and live long and prosper Star Trek!