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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pee Mak (Thai movie) Review

Jum gi Fun Fair Sayang!

Pee Mak (Thai movie) Review – Here’s a confession. I avoid watching horror movie because I’m a scary pants, I especially avoid watching Thai horror movie because it will haunt me even after years of watching it, case of point (Shutter, I still shitee bricks remembering how the movie ended – Ironically this movie is directed by the same Director!)
I lap yew wifeyyyyy!!!
I made exception for this flick because I heard it’s a mix of horror and comedy…hmm…Thai horror comedy? This should be interesting kan? Dah ler title dia pun semacam jer…Pee Mak (tuka sket je into a BM word silap haribulan sure kena sepak!) The meaning of Pee Mak is the name of the main character, shorty referred to as Mak.

On the side note, if you are thinking of getting a hair-cut soon, not the typical boring ones but the krezi ones, I dare you to chop your hair into one of the character’s style! Memang giler lar their hair dresser!
Haaaaa.....mana satu hair style u mau? kekeke
As for the story, it starts with a bunch of friends who are soldiers stuck in a war with Mak’s wife heavily pregnant and something happens while she was about to give birth. Mak and his friends make it alive out of the ravaging war and they folo Mak back to his kampung. Once they reach the place, they are greeted by Nak (Mak’s wife) and his new born baby boy named Dang. When the guys try to find job at the kampong, they get starred and the villagers avoid them like plague. 
Hubby, are you home?
Some suspicious events leads Mak’s friend to believe that his wife is aculi not ‘what’ she is. This cause a lot confusion which leads funny and scary events but in the end the love between Mak and Nak proofs that love sometimes supersedes everything else.

Errrr...guys, what are we looking at?
I should warn you to please clear your bladder because you will be laughing your lungs out every few minutes. If you have weak bladder, get ready to wet your seat, coz I almost did! Memang kelakar giler so if you had a bad day, set aside all that crap and come laugh till you cry. If you don’t laugh out loud please go see a shrink because you might have lost your sense of humor along your serious life.

I highly recommend this and don’t mind watching it over and over again whenever I’m having a bad day.

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