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Monday, 20 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Review

Guess who is the Real Gatsby?

 The Great Gatsby Review – Warning ‘Old Sport’! Please clear your bladder before you enter the cinema as this flick is 2 hours 22 minutes long which in my opinion could have been a looooooooooooot shorter if it wasn’t moving slower than snail phase at some parts. Don’t get me wrong ‘Old Sport’, it is an awesome watch, it’s just that some parts were dragged waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.
Leo, call me, please. Thank you very much!
 Story wise ‘Old Sport’, I’ve not read the book so I didn’t quite know what it’s about except that it’s directed by Baz Lurhmann and starring Leo, Toby and Carrie. I didn’t go through the cast list so imagine my surprise ‘Old Sport’ when I saw Big B and Borat’s wife (that’s Amitabh Bachchan and Isla Fisher!) on the screen. Each of them played their part damn well, you will fall in love with Leo as Jay Gatsby the moment he appears on screen, you will love the way Tobey’s Nick tells you the story of Gatsby’s life.  Carrie’s Daisy will make you cringe once you find out who she picked in the end. Heck, even Joel’s Tom Buchanan will make you sweat in your seat. Baz sure did pick a great ensemble, I can see some names in next year’s Oscar’s list.
Damn drool-worthy cast! Even the ugly one looks good!
  As for the set, settings, style and what not, it’s all damn classy, I will wish I was in the movie even just an extra. Would be a dream come true to witness the lavish style and swagger. Fuh! Memang gempak dowh! More Oscar nods for sure lah for this movie. If not, I dono what to say. The music, mak datuk! Best giler siottttt!!! Even tough the setting is in the 1920’s, the music is very current. See if you can hear Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, Jay Z, Lana Dey Ray, Gotye, Fergie. If you wanna chill on a lazy Sunday afternoon, go get this OST. Totally worth it ‘Old Sport’.
Let's Dance babeh!
As for the story ‘Old Sport’, it goes in a narrative mode, where Nick tells the story of his mysterious neighbor with his extravagant lifestyle. Nick tries to figure out who the real Jay Gatsby is as he keeps hearing so many different version stories about him. Nick gets to observe Gatsby’s closely once he finds out why Jay wants to be his friend despite having so many people attending his over-the-top party every weekend. It’s a tale of love, adultery, greed…in short it has the seven sins we know about. The ending is really kinda sad (think Leo in his Titanic role! *hint hint) It also goes to show, it does not matter how many gazzilion friends you have ‘Old Sport’, in the end if you have one person standing next to you is good enough ‘Old sport’. That’s the friend you should value and cherish ‘Old Sport’.
Catch the green dock light if you can 

Stop drooling Mani! ehehe ;)

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