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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hangover 3 review

The Wolfpack minus one fella

Hangover 3 review – Hmm…where do I start? First of all, the movie does not involve the Wolf Pack getting pissed drunk and having a hangover, it’s more like a misadventure when they try to send away Alan (Zach ‘try saying his last name sober and you still get it wrong’ Galifianakis) after his stunt involving an endangered animal! The gang re-unites for a road trip and of course they go off course. They meet their old friend Mr. Leslie Chow (Ken ‘I like to say Mothafucker a lot’ Jeong) and also a new baddie in the form of Marshall (John ‘I love this dude’ Goodman). Melissa ‘I suspect she is related to Fat Amy’ McCarthy also makes the cast, too bad her character was not fully utilized. In fact the whole other charterers were not fully utilized as I feel Mr. Chow stole most of the spotlight. It was not even about the Wolfpack much, more like Mr. Chow featuring Alan, Phil and Stu.
 They go on their usual misadventure and whatever you think can go wrong goes wrong and at one point I was like, God please give them a break la. Why on Earth would you test these people over and over and over again? What did they do in their past life? The boys, Bradley, Ed & Justin play their deer-caught-in-the-headlight part just like they did in the first two movies so they got nothing new to offer. If you are looking to some silly laugh with no substance, give this a watch or else, go get the earlier DVD’s and watch it again. The movie kinda lost its charm in the sequels but still watchable with hope there won’t be any more follow-up.
Do your walk of shame guys...
I got nothing more to write, I had the option of watching either this or Now You See Me (NYSM) and I think I made the less smart choice. Now excuse me while I got watch NYSM consisting off Jesse, Isla, Morgan, Michael, Woody….argh….just look at the cast!!! How on Earth did I choose to watch Hangover 3 instead of NYSM? *while checking out time NYSM 
Rest in Peace and stay off the alcohol guys!
Tsk tsk tsk...hang in coming!


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