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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Epic Review

Why EPIC? *garu kepala o.O
Epic review – Did you like Ice Age? Did you like Rio? Do you like forest? If you said yes, then go book your ticket to this movie. One ‘AIK’ thing I gotta say about the movie is the title, why Epic? The story is adapted from book by the title "The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs", which in my opinion sounds much better. Maybe they wanted to save space in the poster by shortening it kot.
Bes gak tgk dlm 3D
The story is catered to kids so don’t expect an Epic story - pun intended, just bring your kids, niece or nephew (agak-agak lah release during school holidays kan?) and enjoy the ride with the Leaf Men trying to save the forest. Quite a good message to pass on to the kids. Take care of our forest for our future generation ok kids.
Meet the cast....
As for the casting, some was spot on, Colin as Ronin with his slight Irish accent, Amanda as MK, Aziz Ansari as Mub the slug and another guy (sorry saya malas nak cari his name, if you want, sila cari sendiri ok) as Grub the Snail will have you laughing with their antics. Beyonce as Queen Tara, however for me, Bee, please stick to singing ok, thank you.
Have you meet the cast? ;)
The vibrant colors and attention to small details in the forest will make you go “Wow, cantiknyer!”. The background music blends well with the scenes. Overall a decent movie to spent money and time on.  You will leave the cinema smiling and never look at a mouse the same way again. Look out for the Leaf men next time you get a chance to go into the forest yo! 
Alahai comeinyer.....yaaaaaa....riteeeeeeee!!!!

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