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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Despicable Me 2 Review

Guess who is back???
Despicable Me 2 Review – What does a villain do once he turns over a new leaf and adopt three (3) cute girls? He tries to create world’s greatest jam and jelly with the help of his even cuter minions. What about Dr Nefario who has been assisting him on his evil plot before this, well he gets a new job offer and leaves Gru. All is well you think? Well, not quite. How can there be good without evil. Abis lah no balance kan?
So adorable!!!
With the absence of Gru, a new villain plans to wreck havoc by stealing some dangerous formula. This new baddie not only songlap the formula but also start to kidnap Gru’s minions one by one! This new threat brings back Gru into the underworld to figure who, why and what this crook wants. The plot is not rocket science, it’s an animation for kids and kids at heart. Most people are watching this movie to see the adorable minions speak their own funny language. They are like the three (3) stooges times 100! You secretly wish you had one or more of your own.
Who can resist such cuteness

Steve is both funny and hilarious reprising his role once again as Gru. The three little girls are also adorable, with special mention for Agnes! Only she would give the minions a run for the money! New comer Lucy Wilde played by Kristen Wiig is a good addition to the cast full of yellow fellas! Just kick back and enjoy this flick.
New chick in the flick!
You will come out smiling and trying to imitate the minion’s language! “You stoppa! You stoppa!” “ Gelato gelato”…and you will never listen to I Swear by All-4-One the same way ever again! Perhaps it’s time to change the title of the movie into something else because there’s nothing Despicable at all about this film. Banananananana :)  
Go catch or go bananaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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