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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

After Earth Review

What are we looking at Dad?
After Earth review – So…after a disaster that was The Last Airbender (which thank God I didn’t waste my time or money watching), M. Night Shyamalan is back with another flop…ops I mean flick! I don’t know what happen to him after his Oscar nomination for Best Director for 6th Sense. He sorta lost his sense to direct a good movie ever since. Just one painful movie after another, but enough about him let’s now focus on Will Smith…this dude is also kinda falling off the blockbuster films radar. Sure, he made black suit look good in Men in Black (the first one) but did you watch the sequels? How about I Robot? Hancock? I Am Legend? Why Will? Why? Tsk tsk tsk Can you go back to you Independence Day, The Pursuit of Happyness, Ali time for Will sake. No pun indented but if there’s a Will there’s a way rite? Don’t get me started about Jaden…just don’t! Please go back to school…acting school if you want to match your father’s heyday glory you little boy!
Like Son, like or it is the other way around? o.O
As for the movie…so we finally fucked up till we can’t live on Earth anymore and have to pindah to another planet which looks like kena nuclear boom! Not only that, the humans have also compete for space with a nasty looking creature called Ursa. Being a legend that he is, Will’s character, General Cypher Raige is gifted with skill referred to as 'ghosting', where you don’t feel fear (Cewah! Terrer kan?). I kinda wonder if this skill extends to show lack of love for your own child because that’s how he treats his son. So damn cold, silap haribulan the poor boy could have a breakdown! Luckily the mother was a bit ok and she suggest some father and son bonding time in another planet while carrying other extra actors and also the dangerous Ursa (smart ey? sigh).
Errrr....u jump I jump? No?
Their kapal kena crash land lepas kena whack in some space ribut and mana lagi to land except Earth, which is now classified as BAHAYA. I don’t know about you but the place where they crash landed looked green, yet dia kata tempat tuh bahaya pulak! Huh? How? Go figure…because all I saw was green forest, crystal clear water, albeit the animal seems to be ganas. A pacat looking bug almost caused Kitai to have a plastic surgery but other than that. The only animals featured were baboons, harimau looking like harimau…big bird…aik tu je? Apa yang bahaya sangat? Alien yang you carry in your spaceship lagi bahaya kut kan?
Apa tengok-tengok?
Daddy gets badly injured so the Son have to save the day, nasib baik backpack dia canggih so Daddy can guide him through this so called ‘Dangerous Planet’ so he can locate and send signal to the space to rescue this two survivors. So good kan? They aculi send crew of more than 10 people to rescue a black guy and his chickadee son. Guess racism is out of the window in the future. Thank God! In between got lah some boring, Daddy being ‘listen to me, am your Father’ scene, Son going ‘but Dad, I can do this’ scene. Perfect time to bring your Dad to watch over Father’s Day weekend if you don’t have other plan. Or not. The end.

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