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Friday, 21 June 2013

World War Z Review

Watch out zeeks! Am here!
World War Z Review – I can’t believe it! Brad finally caught the zombie bug as well! Before you go, “how could you Brad?” please mind that this fella bought the right to make this movie so he must be really into the story and indeed he was! As I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of anything involving zombie and let’s face it, Brad have busy being a Dad compared to acting lately, the last movie I watched starring him, Killing Me Softly stirred loads of mixed feeling in me about him. Somehow I read good review about this flick so I chose to take the risk, which was paid off handsomely much like Brad himself.
Mana aku nak larek neh? Semua tempat dah kena kepung! :P

The movie moves swiftly switch from one bad news scene to another with some good news scene as well. You get to witness first-hand what happens in an event of a zombie apocalypse. How to save your arse. I almost terjerit sebab terkejut katak at some of the scenes. It was nicely done. You get right amount of fear, suspense, hopefulness and terkejutness! At some point you will be like, terrer ah Brad ni. Kalau betul-betul kena serang, kena carik this Gerry Lane fella (Brad’s character) because you chance of surviving are better if you stick near him. Brad really did an awesome job. I still hate his latest hairdo though! Tolong visit a hairdresser soon. The other supporting characters may just have small role but it was made equally important when the spotlight was pointed at them. Heck even the ‘zombies’ get their moments.
My turn! my turn! my turn!
Memang disgusting giler tengok the un-dead creatures up close. Background music chun giler, camera work was spot on capturing the moments from every angle. Overall memang happy giler lar tengok gamba ni! Meanwhile the story inspired loads of reaction in me. How do one react if caught in the same situation? Would you just give up or scarify yourself for the benefit of strangers or would you be selfish and screw the rest of the population? One thing for sure, it is each for their own.
What if it really happens?

Make your way to the nearest cinema and enjoy this flick while waiting for another zombie movie invade the dark room!!! 
Survival guide from zombie invasion!

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