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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Heat review

Dynamic duo?

The Heat review – Welcome back Sandra! Owh how much I’ve missed you being funny while I’m glad Melissa is going places with her wit! If you wanna know how to cuss at almost every situation, be it good or bad, watch this flick. I gotta admit it kinda reminds me of myself because I tend to do the same sometimes (Fine! I do it most of the times, so what? sue me motherfucker! ops…ehehehe)
Ready to kick some serious arse
The movie is a no brainer, pure entertainment kinda show where you don’t have to wreck your brain trying to figure out who is the bad/good cop/guy. Sandra’s character Ashburn and Melissa’s character Mullins blends well once they get over who is best between them phase. They compete at first but then rely on each other to bring down the bad guys. Throw in some funny supporting cast member and you get loads of laugh out loud moments.
Dafug just happen?
I’m so glad that Sandra is back to her ‘Miss Congeniality’  kinda part instead of ‘I’m-so-serious-I’m-gonna-win-an-Oscar-role’. No offence, I do like her when she plays serious roles but this kinda part (as in Sarah Ashburn) is tailor made for her. She doesn’t have to do much yet you will love her no matter what. Melissa meanwhile, I remember her as the adorable chef, Sookie in Gilmore Girls, I’m pleased she have moved on from the small screen to the big screen because she definitely have the personality to play multiple role. I’m waiting for her to take on some serious role.
Woman can handle big toys too!
 So folks, what are you waiting for? Gather your friend/s, preferably someone who is not easily offended by having to listen to the word fuck in almost every sentence Check your local cinema listings for a perfect time to unwind and get away from the heat outside and enjoy The Heat instead!
Thank you so much!
P/s – Thank you hot magazine and Churp Churp respectively for the preview tickets!

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