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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#TSDayOut DEMC Edition

Well after missing the flying fun at the previous #TSDayOut, I was picked to be part of month of May’s day out with a twist. This time it was medical tourism activity. Med...what? Errr…mende tuh? This was something lain daripada lain, but then Tourism Selangor (TS) memang selalu do things lain daripada lain kan? We had to make our way to Shah Alam to a medical centre…but but but…am not sick…why nak pegi hospital pulak? There lies the jeng jeng jeng part…
Flyers with information can be found here, there, everywhere
My initial reaction of ‘ERK!!!’ when I was informed that the latest outing involved being indoors in a hospital was because having had both my parents working in hospital while I was kanak-kanak ribena (they are retired now) I was well accustomed to almost every corner of the hospital (the hospital is now known as Pusat Perubatan University Malaya (PPUM)). Heck I even got admitted once or twice (not in mental ward just to be clear!) tapi DEMC Specialist Hospital ni memang chun giler weh! They offer boutique concept. Bou…what? I thought hotel je got that concept, since when medical centre adopt this idea?
Lai lai la
One look at the list of participants, I knew I was with good company, after almost a year of joining this awesome outings, I’ve made quite a lot of new friends, either with other participants who don’t mind me being annoying and also TS staffs. Hehehe…this time lagi syiok because I get new victims to kacau in the form of DEMC peopen (not a typo) pulak. Ntah bila gona kena sepak sebab bising sangat. What to do…when you are happy, kenalah bising rite?
Lucky participants
Smile semua!
Anyhow, the journey to DEMC itself was a fun one, Amirul went to fetch Bella then kutip me lepas tuh lepak depan Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Academy kat Kelana Jaya jap check out chicks while waiting for the pramugari, Cindy to join us fresh after landing from Melbourne. Semangat budak ni, tak tido for almost 24 hours, still nak join, makeup oso belum remove. Lepas dah sampai, we reached our destination without getting lost. (You are welcome guys, told you I’m good at giving direction!) Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Sampai DEMC je, jumpa Miss Social Network, Dian, lepas tuh pegi register nama and got another #TSDayOut t shirt. This time kaler hijau, DEMC’s corporate kaler. Niiiiiiice!!! Sambil wait for others, mulalah kecoh sebab jumpa balik familiar faces while make more new friends. After semua dah sampai, we were ushered into Bilik Kayangan for some tayangan. Puan Naslin Irina Aziz, Head of Department of DEMC Wellness Department gave us some useful information about what to expect. Followed by speeches from VIP’s. Nope, I didn’t make any speech, maybe next time. Cewah poyo tak?
Welcome semua...
Thank you for coming...
Corporate video with loads of useful infomation
After the brief intro we were escorted for some yummy treats at Sutera Lounge. Before heading there, we were told that tempat tuh cam MAS punya Golden Lounge…hmm…we’ll see…dah sampai…terus impressed giler. Memang chun weh. Certified by MAS stewardess herself, aka Cindy. 
Walkway to the lounge, Dr Bunny and the entrance
One look at the spread dah lapar dah. Macam-macam makanan ada so apa lagi? Serang!!! Tengah syok walap, Renuga (TS resident aci!) warned us… “Haaaa…lepas ni ada medical checkup tau, so control sikit ek”….hek eleh…dah offer good food pastu suruh control…apa kes? Mum mum jelah…tengah sibuk walap…Dr. Bunny decides to drop by. Apparently it’s a weekly weekend specialty at DEMC. This cute ‘Doc’ will pass balloon around to kids, snap pictures, salam-salam. Comelnyer!!! Aku siap peluk lagi! Then we took a group shot depan lounge tuh.
Sedap woahhhhhhhh
On with the real program walaupun I wanted to stay and munch on more food. Kami dibawa ke DEMC Wellness Centre. Kat situ got few rooms for different procedures. Some of the procedures memang I tak reti nak sebut without twisting my lidah, hence why I’m not in that line of work. 
Tak rasa macam kat Medical Central at all!
Try saying these out fast and loud...
Lepas semua dah kumpul, we were split into groups, some got to do skin rejuvenation procedure, tapi sebab ramai sangat only few got chosen, iaitu skin yang nampak buruk (kekeke) kena pick to do that (*yang tak sempat pegi haritu were given voucher to go on a later date which I did, continue baca to know what happen or you can skip terus below when you see the * sign) while everybody got to go for body composition analysis and health checkup. 
Blood pressure, mole removal, dietician advise, cleansing and 'lasering' underway
Kena measure weight on a fancy looking machine, siap boleh ukur berat tulang and stuff. Lepas tu measure blood pressure, check glucose level, check mata and lepas keluar result, got dietician bagi advice where to add and what to reduce. Pressure gak bila kena panggil depan budak-budak ni. Nasib lah saya jenis terlampau sihat, just gotta loose sum spare tire here and there.
Testing testing

Poke poke....check mata
While waiting for everybody to abis, we all get to lepak at bilik menunggu yang also cool giler. Got comfy couch, drinks and magazines. Memang selesa abis lepak sana. 
Chill and lepak while waiting for their turn
Sambil tunggu, I went on my usual kepochi mode. Snap picture, dono snap what picture tapi main snap jer, sambil tuh kacau budak-budak tu semua, kacau the staff then duduk diam, aku pulak kena kacau. Aik…hmm…it’s ok…kacau lah…bukan kena bayar pun kan? I think by now people are more worried if I sit quietly rather than I kacau orang. Best part, dok sibuk ask about mammogram technique. I mean it is part of the medical procedure kan?
Glucose and blood pressure test result
Finally lepas semua orang dah dapat their medical report, it was tour time. 
Macam dapat result SPM pulak!
Miss Crystal Ho Fei Lin, Head of Department for Marketing & Public Relations brought us around. First stop, Physiotherapy room or was it Rehabilitation room…err…I forgot, tapi it was like a mini gym lar. For those who nak recover balik their fitness. I remember this kind of room masa kena admit time kecik dulu. Rasa macam kat playground jer! Now unfortunately my Mom kena use this room kat PPUM since she lost her leg to diabetic, grim reminder for me to watch my sugar intake! Gulp!
This is not a playground ok
I gotta admit by then I was a bit tired redy tapi teruskan gak because our ‘tour guide’ memang pandai nak explain. Lepas tuh kena naik atas to X-ray and Mammogram room respectively…semua jerit nak tengok demo and guess beruk mana kena volunteer? Kuang kuang kuang, alah bukan apa, letak tangan je, lepas tuh kena penyek. No wonder they say you only have to do it after 40 years or older. Sakit siot kena penyek! Dah puas? 
ehem ehem...siapa mau mamo?
Move on please…we were brought to visit the wards. Mula-mula pegi children’s ward. Makkkkk…..kalau aku kena admit kat sini masa kecik memang tak mau balik rumah. Got Wi-Fi, satellite TV channel, heck even the toilet is kalerful. Outside the corridor got lukisan yang comel-comel. Even parents would secretly wish they were staying in this ward yo! 
Haaaaaaaaa......chun tak? Cute kan?
Lepas tuh, if by now you think the Sutera Lounge, DEW Wellness Centre and children’s ward looks cool. Depa punya executive and suite ward hallway je dah cantek giler. Macam five star hotel! Heck they even have butler service you know! Butler as to help you with anything you want! You even can pay your bill by your bedside when you get discharged! How cool is that? Too bad semua bilik dah penuh so we didn’t get to check out the room personally but I bet kalau aku masuk memang dah admit myself then and there itself kut.
Told you corridoor nampak lawa kan?


Lepas dah abis tour, more food! This time lunch was served 5 star style. Macam-macam variety and since I was too tired and hungry to snap any pictures, I just makan je. 
Nom nom nom....burp....ops sorry...
Sambil tu borak and pick picture to submit for best photography contest…hmm…macamlah boleh menang. Every time aku submit tapi tak pernah menang pun. Dah tuh, this time got quite a few veteran winners, so chances nak memang tuh lagilah susah. Makan jelah Mani, kacau orang jelah Mani tapi still submit my pictures. Lepas dah kenyang it was time to announce the winners for previous #TSDayOut blog, only one victor showed up. Then Miss Renu, announced the winners for Best Photography, first sekali Adam…mamat ni kalau tak menang memang tak sah, dah tuh he siap volunteer to remove a mole during the skin rejuvenation procedure (hmm…memang tuah buang taik lalat lar tuh!), lepas tuh second winner, Cindy Tong, amoi ni lagi satu champion snap gambar. Last sekali, jeng jeng jeng…my name was announced…UIKS…ko biar betul…sure or not? Waaaaaaaaa…..bestnyer….first time woah!!! Yahooo!!! I would like to thank my mother father gentlemen…eh….hehehe…sorry over excited pulak! Bangga siot menang! Lepas tuh session photography with the VIP and winners
Cewah....ekekekee look at my suprised face! 
Extra goodies from DEMC! Thank you!

Lepas dah claim the prize money it was time for group shot! Smile semua! Thank you for joining.
Another successful #TSDayOut!

* Mula-mula bila tak kena pilih to do skin rejuvenation procedure during #TSDayOut but got voucher instead to come back again, rasa macam malas pulak nak pegi, but my friend Yen didn’t want to waste such a good offer so she called up and fix appointment for us. Ok lah…can lah…bukan kena buat apa pun kan? Why let go such a chance. Two (2) weeks after #TSDayOut we made our way once again to DEMC. Sampai tengok they were celebrating their DEMC Nurses Open Day and had loads of fun activities ongoing. Memang happening lah tempat ni. We walap nasi lemak while waiting for the Doc finish with her patient. We bumped into Puan Nazlin and she sempat gurau, "Today got Mammogram check, u nak pegi tak?"….ehehe…amboi dah pandai buat lawak ek? Tengah syiok lepak dalam waiting room, our turn arrived.

Happening place to be
Event for Nurses Open Day
We met with  Dr Shirleyna Chan, Aesthetic Medicine Consultant. Mula-mula ingat masuk bilik, baring, kena bzzz bzzz under the laser like the other day and cabut but no…we were very lucky. Dr. Shirley decided to spent some one on one time with both of us. Asking about our skin regimen…errr saya tak pakai apa-apa for my face. Facial oso dono when last I did. She showed some pictures of the treatment she had done on her patient and the result really impressed us. Really can see the difference siot! Lepas tuh tukar focus to us. Since I will be going to beach soon, she decided to perform another procedure on me while Yen had the same laser treatment. While waiting for Yen, my face kena sapu dengan numbing cream so later tak sakit kena cucuk. This was a really good as this time tak kena himpit by anybody. I snapped some pictures freely. Doc Shirley despite being very chun camera shy pulak…ehehehe…if I had her complexion fuh….memang parade muka sana sini.

Yen tengah kena bzzz bzzzz bzzzzz
After Yen was done, it was my turn. Both my left and right cheek dah numb, tak rasa anything much. Then Dr. Shirley’s assistant, Miss Jackie begun my procedure called micro needling. She wiped off the cream then mula poke my face with the needle that looked smaller than strand of hair. Kecik je, ada dalam four needles inside the ‘poking thingy’. She started to 'bzz bzz bzz' my right side cheek dulu. I didn’t feel any pain expect listening to that annoying sound…rasa macam ada robot Transformers battling on my face pulak! She was very good as she kept checking if I was in any pain while explaining to Yen and I what she was doing. Yen helped me to snap some pictures.  
poke poke poke
The whole process took about 30-40 minutes and I was told that this process will make my pores get smaller. If I come for follow up treatment, my skin condition will improve a lot. We see lah how later ek...tengok if this first 'poking session' works on not. Miss Jackie did tell me that it takes few sessions before I can see visible result but guess what, I went to work on Monday and my friends already notice that me skin nampak smooth sket. Cewah...not bad ey? Ok ok...nanti kena allocate budget for this treatment. Ada sesiapa nak sponser tak? 
Before, during and after...
Immediately after and few days later
Anyways, the whole experience overall changed my perception about a medical centre, it’s not long just a place full of sick people but it’s a place where you go to get well. Everywhere we turn, whoever we bump into had a smiley and friendly face. DEMC managed to capture their target vision and mission. Honestly as for this edition of #TSDayOut, my assumption of it would a boring one was cured by awesome DEMC personnel who accompanied us throughout the whole journey. Should you need any or further information click your mouse to DEMC informative website.
Goodies galore! Thank you DEMC!
Totally worth going
Thank you Tourism Selangor for this opportunity to be part of another new experience. I have always had the best time during each and every single #TSDayOut and looking forward to more new adventure in hidden gems in and around Selangor. Sekian. 
Bravo once again Tourism Selangor!

P/s - Photo credit goes to Nigel Low, Amirul, Yen and my sister for lending me her camera!

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