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Monday, 10 June 2013

Now You See Me Review

Yes! I finally saw you guys in action!

Now You See Me Review – First of all, check out the awesome cast members, you got Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, Woddy Harrelson, Melanie Laurent! It’s like the Avengers of ensemble cast yo! If you were following my earlier reviews, you would know that I scored preview pass to this flick but I choose to watch Hang Over 3 instead (yes, you can slap me for the silly choice Next Time You See Me). That stupid decision caused me 2 failed attempts to aculi buy the tickets. Dalam banyak-banyak gamba yang tengah tayang, this one asik sold out jer! Chet!
Pick a card...any card....errr....nice hair #eh :)
But as a movie MANIac yang kena kutuk for passing this movie preview, I finally got my hands on the precious ticket! Felt like I won ticket to watch The Four Horseman live magic show itself pulak! Heck after watching this movie, I wish I could attend such awesome magic show for real.
Can I have all of them to my birthday party?
Now as for the review, with such awesome cast, you know you are in for an amazing ride! The stories have its own lightning fast and slow as a snail phase. The music that accompanied the tricks was simply awesome. The CGI tricks were chun giler. The camera work however gave me some slight headache here and there. The illusions performed by the magic troupe amazed me, no matter how many times they tell you, the closer you look the less you see, you can’t help but look closer and get misdirected. I got fooled so many times just like Special Agent Dylan but the French Interpol chick (played brilliantly by Melanie Laurent) kept things in sight. I was kinda surprised at that because let’s face it, she’s really calm for a French girl, wasn’t she?
As for the cast, Jesse with less curly hair still reminded me of him playing Mark Zuckerberg, still talking waaaaaaay too fast for me. Kena slow-mo baru can catch up sometimes, Isla Fisher was less menonjol character wise but she most definitely caught my attention whenever she appeared on screen for obvious reasons. Woody Harrelson, dude you can hypnotize me anytime you want! Dave Franco was charming, way charming compared to his brother James Franco (Thank God) Mark Ruffalo pulak…I can’t help but to wait for this dude to change into Hulk whenever he was getting agitated.  As for Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, they maybe just supporting cast members but you know they are legends that doesn’t require loads of screen time to exude their legendness!
Morgan : Wasup Mike?
Michael : Noooothing...wasup Morgan?
I have no idea how this movie did escaped my radar as a must-watch-movie-of-the-year but I’m glad I caught it and secretly hoping for a sequel now that my ‘EYE’ are opened. Would be awesome to find out what else can The Four Horseman come up with right? Just pray it won’t be a stinker! Till then I’m gona add this to the list of FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE WORTH WATCHING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  
Hmm...mebbe I will try this trick one day! :D

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