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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Superman eh i mean Man of Steel review

S marks the spot!
Superman eh i mean Man of Steel review – So one major thing you will notice is Superman…err…I mean Man of Steel finally figures out that underwear are meant to be worn inside and not outside especially if it’s red in color. Honestly I think Superman is going down the new James Bond and Batman road and lost its initial charm. With Christopher Nolan being the Producer, I can see Man of Steel is gonna get darker as the sequel comes on. Gone are the days where Superman with his fun klutzy side into more serious persona.
Mixture casting.
We get to witness how Kal-El is brought into his dying planet and how his parents tried their best to give him a choice they didn’t get to have. He literally holds the key to his planet’s survival and is hunted down by his father once friend from Krypton. Along the way, Kal-El becomes Clark Kent living among the humans and trying to adapt to Earth’s custom. He is faced with numerous challenges to choose to be human or show his power in order to help humans.
Hello there good looking!
As for the casting, Henry is spot on as the new Superman, so damn good looking that you won’t mind the jumping timeline story. Aculi, I did mind because I think it was overdone. One scene he was a young boy, then grown man, then a schoolboy then grown up again…like….adoi dah ler tuh. How many times nak lompat-lompat ni? Amy Adams, takes times to grow on you, personally I still like Teri Hatcher so sue me! 2013 must be year of comeback for veteran actors as we get to see Kevin ‘The Bodyguard’ Costner and Diane ‘still kinda hot’ Lane as Clark Kent’s parent. Then there is Russell ‘I’m getting old’ Crowe and Lawrence ‘CSI not working out for him’ Fishburne on the payroll as well. Michael ‘I’m really a bad-arse’ Shannon as General Zod really kicked Sups butt!
Chris is still my fav! Underwear in or out!
If you are looking to watch Christopher Reeve kinda Superman, you will be disappointed because the new version is really something else. Even the familiar theme music is no longer the same. As for the story, the destruction caused during the epic battle between Superman and General Zod will make you wonder who the heck is gonna clean up the mess? A city is practically destroyed while these two aliens try to prove who the best is. It could have gone so much better if only they didn’t go overboard with the fight scenes.
Why so serious dude?
I’m not sure if I would want to watch the sequels if this is the route Superman chose to fly.  

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