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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Call review

Ingat senang ka mau jawap call? Pressure giler wey! :P
The Call review – Get this, I won eight (8) tickets for preview of this movie but had to skip it due to unforeseen circumstance and all I could hear once movie opened was how BESSSSS it was! Cilakak betul! Any time, any of my friends who managed to catch this Halle Berry thriller mention about this movie, I went on Grumpy Puss mode and shush them off, but but but I finally managed to find time to watch it so HECK YEAH!!! I agree this is a good movie so if nochet watch faster go see.

Stupid hair dresser, I tido kejap, rambur terus jadi camni pulak! Chey!

In the meantime, here’s how it goes. I always wondered how the 911 (or 999 in Malaysia) operators respond and react to any emergency calls (I remember calling our emergency service to help me rescue my Spider-cat which got stuck on tree -not short but really freaking tall tree or else I would have panjat the damn thing myself! - and they aculi came with a small fire-truck and cut down the branch and it was a happy ending!). It’s really scary and freaky listening to snippets of the incoming calls, some are real emergencies (like accidents, shot fired) while other are silly calls (asking direction to Starbucks!, bat in house!). I don’t think I could handle this job man! All you would hear is profanities I tell ya!

One day, Jordan (Halle) answers a call and unfortunately it didn’t end well. She is haunted by it and determined to never let it happen again. She opts to teach the newbies so she can stay off answering calls but as takdir would have it. She picks up another call with similar situation. Thus begins the cat and mouse game to save a life of an innocent teen girl (a very grown up, Abagail “not so Little Miss Sunshine’ Breslin). WARNING : If you have high bloody pressure, get a DVD so you can pause when the scene gets intense, take a deep breath and continue watching again. It really gets intense at times!

Kidnapped gals 'Owh My Gawd! What the heck happen to your hair?"
Jordon - Say it again and imma hang up ur call, u dig?

The syko in this movie somehow resembles Tom Cruise (something like Tom’s ugly brother if you will) and boy he plays his character too damn well. Rasa macam nak belasah the shitee out of him but then you see his background story and maybe can figure out why he went nuts! But still, that doesn’t give you the right to kill people you krezi syko!
The cast, see the Tom Cruise look a like?
and that really you? Woahohoho !!!
I don’t have to give away the ending because of course the kidnapped girl get rescued, it’s just the way she is saved and what happens after she was rescued is interesting (almost!). This is good watch for ladies out there on ways to help yourself in case you get kidnapped! And remember our emergency phone line number is 999 not 911 (unless you are in USA and kawasan se-code dengannya !)

Olympus Has Fallen Review

White House needs major renovation after this movie!

Olympus Has Fallen Review – Why hello there, Mr Butler, it’s been a while since you strut your macho’ness in the big screen but then I think you went a lil overboard on this one. For Pete sake, one fella taking down tones of daredevil commandos who aculi manage to bring down White House (code name: Olympus) in 13 minutes? That’s a bit far-fetched don’t you think. Heck, I think even James Bond won’t be able to do!
I can do more damage all by myself compared to your tones of comando's!
Anyways, you better hold on to your seat once the action mode kicks in. It’s full boom, kaboom, bang bang boom, blasting, blowing, shooting, breaking and all sorta ‘ing which mite cause discomfort if you can’t handle too much blood and gore.

We finaly made ey?

Ada gaya! Keunggulan not so much!

Gerald Buttgrrr (No typo, but that’s just my tribute to his well-formed butt!) plays Mike Banning who got demoted after a big screw up which in my view was not his fault at all. Case of point, imagine having to decide whether to save the President of United States of America or his wifey? The President is within you reach while the wifey’s seat beat is stuck and seconds away from plunging into a ravine….tuff luck if you ask me! If I was in such situation , I might just have gone blank and both of them would be sleeping with the fishes!. After the tragedy, Banning was transferred into desk job, much like me, hey at least I didn’t cause anybody’s death (yet) rite?

As luck and un-luck (pick according to your preference) would have it, Banning witness White House being attacked and his goes all ‘Rambo and am gonna kill u mofo North Koreans’ mode to save the President and try to get back his old job! (I see what you did there Mike, smart-arse!) In between all that chaos, we get to see people getting killed, whacked, stabbed, shot, saved (yup, some lucky soul do survive this mayhem) and you can pretty much predict what the ending gonna be like. (like DUH!)

It’s a was good to see Dylan ‘The Practice’ McDermott, Angela ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Basset, Morgan ‘my mum’s favorite actor’ Freeman, Radha ‘Why your first name sound like an Indian’ Mitchell, Aaron ‘I’m the President but I got tied during most of this movie’ Eckhart and Ashley ‘Walk in late for this movie and you will miss my scene’ Judd on the screen after so long. Each of them played their roles well, be in good or bad! Some kicked arse while others kicked the bucket…literally!

Still yummy after all this years!

Owh how you have aged yummyly Dylan!

Watch this if you want to know how to plan an attack on the White House (just kidding!). It’s a full on action flick so leave your chick out if she is not into action, unless she wants to drool at Gerald like me! 

Damn Boy! U so hot, y didn't join K pop group instead?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Side Effects Review

They may look easy on the eyes but remember look fools!

 Side Effects Review – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction said Sir Issac Newton while Director of this movie, Oscar winning Steven Soderbergh shows the Side Effects. That pretty much sums up this movie but before you ignore the signs, you might wanna give this flick a view.
U may o may not figure out what's going on
Looks can confuse you

The main and supporting cast played their roles well. They manage to evoke few feelings in me. I was like…shiteeeeee….oooook….hmmm….owh well….woooooah’ing inside my head thru out the whole movie.

Rooney carries this film effortlessly playing a really depressed character but once she reveals her true self….you will be like…”Dayum girl, Y u so twisted one?” Jude…owh Jude…better do something about your receding hairline soon but I still dig your posh accent. As for Channing…dude, if you ever get a divorce, please call me immediately! Catherine Zeta Jones – What can I say? I’m so glad she’s making a ‘cum’ back in the big screen especially on this movie!  *ehem ehem

Anyways, here’s the gist, Emily (Rooney) suffers from depression and heads to the hospital after a freaky incident where she meets Jon Banks (Jude). He starts to prescribe her some anti-depression meds which results in a bad (I mean really bad) case of Side Effects. Banks gets in touch with her previous shrink (Cat Zeta Jones) whom turns out to be…jeng jeng jeng. Go watch lah…tak syok if reveal all kan? But here’s some hint, think along the lines of Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore in Chloe and Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci in Monster and you will get my drift.  
There are some so called un-appropriate scenes snipped away so you can either watch the censored version in the cinema or wait for the dvd to come out. Either way Side Effects is not about danger of pill popping but it’s about how human manipulate each other for their own benefit.  

Need some meds?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#TSDAYOUT AMAZING RACE EDITION (preview je no the actual event YET!)

jeng jeng jeng....

Ops I did it again! Got picked to be part of this krezi day’s out for 3rd time in a row (seriously Tourism Selangor people…I reckon you guys either love me or hate me so much to let me slip tru this many times) Anyway, thanks a lot for considering my name. This TSDO will be happening this coming Saturday, ie on 30th March 2013 at FRIM and by the looks of it gonna be Amazing – pun intended!

Can’t wait to be grouped and go tru mud, slopes, water, hutan, lintah (huhuhu! DIE) and God knows what else.

Tu dia! Senarai nama mangsa! :P
I asked for it so just bring it on! Let’s see what will happen! It is what its gona be ey?

Stay tuned for my updates (if I survived the race) once the deed is done!

I wonder if Phil will be at the check point to greet us! :D
If kenot, Big Boss oso can lar! hehehe ;)