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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stoker Review

From poster also can see it's a freaky ride!
Stoker Review – If you want to be a good cinematographer, watch this flick coz it has amazing shots! The good cinematography unfortunately did not translate into a good movie, it was just kinda so so for me, but it was really TWISTED!

Mia Wasikowska looks paler every time she appears on screen, future Anne Hathaway in the making! In comparison, I don’t know who is paler among these two! Matthew Goode is freakishly freaky! Those piercing eyes look like its staring straight into your soul! As for Nicole Kidman, guess somebody had to play the screwed up mother/window character so she was given some lines to recite while holding a glass of wine most of the times.

The main cast with their Korean Director Park Chan-wook
 Did I mention the movie is twisted? I can’t write without giving away too much except maybe these few things. Nicole’s character just lost her husband in an auto accident leaving her with her acentric daughter, India. Then suddenly out of nowhere, the dead husband’s brother shows up causing more tension between the already complicated relationship between the mother and daughter. As for what happens next… you can either guess and be right or totally predict a different ending.

Wanna join us?
There was a line in this movie that goes “People do bad things so they don’t do worst things”. I totally agree on this because that’s how I felt about this movie. It was a bad movie (for me) but it could have gone a lot worst…

Quite a cheerful dinner doncha think?
Watch it if you want while I hit the ‘shower’ – pun intended (You will understand the meaning if/after you watched the movie!)

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