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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TGI Friday's Malaysia | Scream-a-thon

Ehem ehem…if you guys know me well. I like to enter contest/competition for fun and just happen to cuba nasib in another exciting contest which requires public voting.

Sooooo…..if ya don’t mind can please spare sumtime to vote for my entry? Not much effort is needed. Simply click the link below and look for my name KANMANI ADIMOOLOM.

This is the first time I’m doing such thing sebab sedih tengok my fb frens got more than 700++ kawan tapi vote tak sampai 30 pun….kesian kan? L
Sooo…..please UNDI saya! Good prektis before voting for General Election soon u know! Seeeeeee it’s a win win situation one!
Thank you so much.
P/s – If possible try to share share with your friends to vote also la okie!
Romba nandri! 

P/ss - Once u vote redy, u will get voucher for free milkshake/cocktail at TGI so wacha waiting for? 

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