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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Side Effects Review

They may look easy on the eyes but remember look fools!

 Side Effects Review – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction said Sir Issac Newton while Director of this movie, Oscar winning Steven Soderbergh shows the Side Effects. That pretty much sums up this movie but before you ignore the signs, you might wanna give this flick a view.
U may o may not figure out what's going on
Looks can confuse you

The main and supporting cast played their roles well. They manage to evoke few feelings in me. I was like…shiteeeeee….oooook….hmmm….owh well….woooooah’ing inside my head thru out the whole movie.

Rooney carries this film effortlessly playing a really depressed character but once she reveals her true self….you will be like…”Dayum girl, Y u so twisted one?” Jude…owh Jude…better do something about your receding hairline soon but I still dig your posh accent. As for Channing…dude, if you ever get a divorce, please call me immediately! Catherine Zeta Jones – What can I say? I’m so glad she’s making a ‘cum’ back in the big screen especially on this movie!  *ehem ehem

Anyways, here’s the gist, Emily (Rooney) suffers from depression and heads to the hospital after a freaky incident where she meets Jon Banks (Jude). He starts to prescribe her some anti-depression meds which results in a bad (I mean really bad) case of Side Effects. Banks gets in touch with her previous shrink (Cat Zeta Jones) whom turns out to be…jeng jeng jeng. Go watch lah…tak syok if reveal all kan? But here’s some hint, think along the lines of Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore in Chloe and Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci in Monster and you will get my drift.  
There are some so called un-appropriate scenes snipped away so you can either watch the censored version in the cinema or wait for the dvd to come out. Either way Side Effects is not about danger of pill popping but it’s about how human manipulate each other for their own benefit.  

Need some meds?

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