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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Croods Review! Da Da Daaaaaa :D

Catch it in 3D!
The Croods Review – Before you start reading, stop doing so and go watch the movie at this instant itself, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, in case you opt to continue, here’s my two cents worth of review. The Croods might sound like a weird family name. In this case however, it suits the family well. Let me introduce the family members, there’s Grug – typical over-protective father, Ugga – understanding wife and mother, Gran – Ugga’s mum and Grug’s mum-in-law (she could give Sid the Sloth's granny from Ice Age a run for her money!), Thunk – brave but brain not really there son, Sandy – youngest of the lot who could give Jack Jack from The Incredibles run for his money! and Eep – who’s kinda like me (tak reti duduk diam punya budak pompuan!) and the outsider Guy – a guy called ‘Guy’ coz I think it would be weird to call a guy ‘Girl’ rite?

All members of the family present and accounted for yo!

Anyhow, The Croods somehow managed to outlive all their neighbors who got killed either by giant mosquitos, common cold, snake and what not but nothing prepared them for the future! Lucky for them, Guy managed to bring them to safety from their world that’s going extinct. They go thru a journey of a lifetime, leaning new things, embracing new ideas, facing their fears, adapting to new environment and such.

Don't just go....let's go Dad!

It’s a feel good movie for adults and kids.  Loads of positive message are packed in this gem! The music and colors are so alive. (Yuna sang the theme song with Owl City so extra YEAY for that!) Yuna & Old City - Shine You Way
The creatures are freaky looking but beyond expectation. You will want to watch it again and again just to enjoy it all over again. Great voice casting. You will immerse yourself and associate the characters with your family members.

Vibrant colors combined with awesome background music!

Dreamworks hits a homerun with this family flick! Watch it and you will come out smiling ear to ear! You might wanna take a picture of yourself using The Croods old school camera! Now say Da Da Daaaaa for the picture! :D   

New fella to fall in love with! :D

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