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Monday, 11 March 2013

Dead Man Down Review

Official poster, looks very action'y rite? 

Dead Man Down Review – Colin Farrell’s name sold me into watching this movie coz it’s been a while since I drool over this Irish hottie! Don’t get me wrong, he still is hot as ever! It’s just that I wish the movie was as hot as him. For me after watching this flick was it was when is your next movie coming out Colin and I hope it’s much better than this. Anyways, since I did watch it, here’s my verdict!

Out for revenge...
  It’s all about revenge. Colin’s character, Victor is an innocent victim who lost precious people in his life while Noomi Rapace’s Beatrice lost her way of life because of a drunk driver. Both of them are trying to get even but then it’s not a simple as they thought. Fate brings them together. Each trying to make sense of what happened to them.
Besides Colin and Noomi, it was good watching Terrence Howard (my favourite white like looking black actor, yes am being racist so sue me!) back on the screen again. Even as a baddie I still love him!

Yummy Terrance
The movie pretty much focuses on how the main character tries to get their revenge. It would have been interesting to watch if the pace of the movie was slightly faster. I almost dozed off when the action scenes turned into long conversations but somehow managed to stay awake till end credit.
If you really like Colin, you may wanna watch this coz I don’t know when he is gonna be on the screen again, otherwise, you are better off watching some other movie instead. 

Catch it ditch it...choice is yours!

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