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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oz, The Great and Powerful Review

Yummy yummy cast!!!
Oz, The Great and Powerful Review – Do not adjust your 3D glasses (if you are watching it on 3D), your glasses (if you are a specky like me) or your eyes. The first 10-15 minutes of the movie is in black and white mode in standard size instead of widescreen. However, once Oscar Diggs (James Franco) leaves Kansas and enters Oz, you will be blown away by the colors! The movie begins with how Oz trying to con his audiences and girls to fall for his trick which finally catches up with him. While trying to run away from the mess, he somehow ends up in the vibrant Land of Oz. 

Wanna fly?
He is met with the lovely, Theodora who brings him to meet her sister, Evanora (played by Mila Kunis (YUMMMM!) and Rachael Weisz (still looking HOOOOOT!), respectively) who in return entice him with riches and gold which could be his if he could defect the evil witch. Oz travels tru the Yellow Brick Road to defeat the evil witch and saves a flying monkey and a porcelain girl along the way who teach him the meaning of friendship. Oz learners the real truth once he meet another witch in the form of Glinda (Michelle Williams [who looks yum yum as well!])

U can put a spell on me anytime Glida! :D
Together with the peopen (Krabi after effect!) of Oz they try to defect the real evil witches and you can guess how they fare lah kan? It’s a Disney movie for God’s sake so of coz the Good defeats the Evil and everyone lives happily ever after till somebody comes up with a sequel and try to make more money of the this franchise.

Yummy yum yum! cantek!

Damn u Daniel! Damn U!!!
The cast is Weisz’ly picked, I’m not a big fan of James after he host the Oscar but he redeemed himself well by playing Oscar in this movie. Somehow the character suits him well. From a berlagak self-fish bugger, he turns into a hero. Michelle Williams is so nice and warm I just wanted to hug her! (in a good manner!) While Mila….oh Mila ….tsk tsk tsk…I iz so sad, somebody seriously got jeles of your kick ass prettiness and decided to change you into Hulk’s distance cousin, alas, I still heart u! Rachael ‘Mrs. Daniel Craig’ Weisz oso kena change in the end to look like…ugh…but all of them played their part well. Not to mention the supporting cast.

tsk tsk tsk :'(

Music wonderfully suited each scene and the cinematography simply captured the spirit of Oz to the core! After back to back crappy movies last week. I’m glad Sam Raimi managed to bring my faith back into movie magic. This movie MANIac thank you visionary Director. I look forward to more of your awesome movies in the future!  

Aye caremba!....sumbody pls hand me sum tichooo plssss....
Review finish redy so go get your ticket and enjoy this magical ride!

Disney's Magic at it's best!

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