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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#TSDAYOUT AMAZING RACE EDITION (preview je no the actual event YET!)

jeng jeng jeng....

Ops I did it again! Got picked to be part of this krezi day’s out for 3rd time in a row (seriously Tourism Selangor people…I reckon you guys either love me or hate me so much to let me slip tru this many times) Anyway, thanks a lot for considering my name. This TSDO will be happening this coming Saturday, ie on 30th March 2013 at FRIM and by the looks of it gonna be Amazing – pun intended!

Can’t wait to be grouped and go tru mud, slopes, water, hutan, lintah (huhuhu! DIE) and God knows what else.

Tu dia! Senarai nama mangsa! :P
I asked for it so just bring it on! Let’s see what will happen! It is what its gona be ey?

Stay tuned for my updates (if I survived the race) once the deed is done!

I wonder if Phil will be at the check point to greet us! :D
If kenot, Big Boss oso can lar! hehehe ;)

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