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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Viswaroopam Review

Watch it like NOW!!!
Viswaroopam Review – Nobody makes me feel proud to be of Indian descendant than Padma Shree Kamal Hasan! This man is a genius! If he had the technology we have now 30 years ago, Hollywood movies will look like a child’s play! Leave it up him to uphold Indian cinema pride in breaking the barriers!

First, let me vent my frustration, why on Earth was this movie was banned? Which part of the movie was a threat to any nation’s security? It’s a movie lar for God’s sake! Those so called authorities let crime happen in real would yet wanna ban this movie? *raise eye brow!
Haiz….who put you guys in charge lar dey? Ok done! *eye brow back to normal position

No offence but these are real stupidos!
Now about the movie, no let’s start with KH – heck but where so I start? Can you name any actor who can make you question his sexual orientation at the beginning of the flick and totally turn into a killing machine within a blink of an eye? He can fool you in a whisk! He truly is a living legend! India should be proud to call him their son! Only he can make a movie which is totally out of the box, heck he don’t even need a box! Throw him to the edge of the Universe and you still see him shining! Ok I better stop pause here before I lose track! I can go on and on about him!

Kamal Hasan at his best! Ulaga Nayagan indeed!
 As for the cast members, they may be playing supporting role but they get their chance at the spotlight! There are no bimbo moments with the two ladies, only brilliant ones! I envy those ladies who gets act with him! Damn you! Must have been previous life good karma I guess!

Hot chicks with the legend himself! Bravo of job well done gals!
P/s - I hate you bitches! Love how you look but still hatecha!
The movie takes you back and forth in time but nicely moves with the storyline. They let you see you HAVE TO SEE and then shift momentum into what you NEED TO SEE! It may look complicated but it’s the simplest thing! You just gotta focus and you will leave the cinema feeling awed! It shows that being a terrorist is not just about blowing people and buildings up. It’s about fighting for what you believe! You may not agree the way but it will make you think the reason why they do it!

One line caught my attention when an old lady utters these words ‘Men’s, they are just monkeys with their tail in the front’! When you think about it, it does make sense rite? It’s easy to say make peace not war in plain words but it takes a whole new level of understanding to turn those words into a reality. Perhaps one day, someday it will happen but till then we just have to remind ourselves that no good comes out of taking a life. We must never forget about the devastation of World War I & II, Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings, Gulf Wars, etc. There will always be some kinda of greedy evil people trying to start war but as long as we remember who we are, we do stand a chance against all this atrocity.
Not quite the end yet!
 I thought Kamal Hasan gave his best in Dasavathaaram but I stand corrected! He simply outdoes himself, pushing envelopes every single time! Standing ovation itself just not enough! You truly are out of this world! Here’s to you future undertakings Sar!

Yezzaaaaaa!!! U D MAN KAMAL SAR!
I hope I get a chance to meet you in person one day! Did you hear me movie God? Just a while will do but I don’t know what I will do if I do get such once in a lifetime opportunity. Till then I will just stand by your amazing passion for art of movie making!

So glad the silly ban was uplifted!
Amma so happy we got the tix!
Last movie we went to watch together was Kamal's Dasavathaaram!

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