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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Call review

Ingat senang ka mau jawap call? Pressure giler wey! :P
The Call review – Get this, I won eight (8) tickets for preview of this movie but had to skip it due to unforeseen circumstance and all I could hear once movie opened was how BESSSSS it was! Cilakak betul! Any time, any of my friends who managed to catch this Halle Berry thriller mention about this movie, I went on Grumpy Puss mode and shush them off, but but but I finally managed to find time to watch it so HECK YEAH!!! I agree this is a good movie so if nochet watch faster go see.

Stupid hair dresser, I tido kejap, rambur terus jadi camni pulak! Chey!

In the meantime, here’s how it goes. I always wondered how the 911 (or 999 in Malaysia) operators respond and react to any emergency calls (I remember calling our emergency service to help me rescue my Spider-cat which got stuck on tree -not short but really freaking tall tree or else I would have panjat the damn thing myself! - and they aculi came with a small fire-truck and cut down the branch and it was a happy ending!). It’s really scary and freaky listening to snippets of the incoming calls, some are real emergencies (like accidents, shot fired) while other are silly calls (asking direction to Starbucks!, bat in house!). I don’t think I could handle this job man! All you would hear is profanities I tell ya!

One day, Jordan (Halle) answers a call and unfortunately it didn’t end well. She is haunted by it and determined to never let it happen again. She opts to teach the newbies so she can stay off answering calls but as takdir would have it. She picks up another call with similar situation. Thus begins the cat and mouse game to save a life of an innocent teen girl (a very grown up, Abagail “not so Little Miss Sunshine’ Breslin). WARNING : If you have high bloody pressure, get a DVD so you can pause when the scene gets intense, take a deep breath and continue watching again. It really gets intense at times!

Kidnapped gals 'Owh My Gawd! What the heck happen to your hair?"
Jordon - Say it again and imma hang up ur call, u dig?

The syko in this movie somehow resembles Tom Cruise (something like Tom’s ugly brother if you will) and boy he plays his character too damn well. Rasa macam nak belasah the shitee out of him but then you see his background story and maybe can figure out why he went nuts! But still, that doesn’t give you the right to kill people you krezi syko!
The cast, see the Tom Cruise look a like?
and that really you? Woahohoho !!!
I don’t have to give away the ending because of course the kidnapped girl get rescued, it’s just the way she is saved and what happens after she was rescued is interesting (almost!). This is good watch for ladies out there on ways to help yourself in case you get kidnapped! And remember our emergency phone line number is 999 not 911 (unless you are in USA and kawasan se-code dengannya !)

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