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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Warm Bodies Review!

Hi there...want sum flower?

Warm Bodies Review – I usually avoid anything associated with zombies like a plague but somehow when I saw the trailer for this one, I told myself ‘Ok fine, I will make an exception”. Thank God I did. Let’s face it, not the most brill movie ever made yet it just had the right ‘X’ factor to lure me in.
Wasup? Wanna go grab a bite of brain o two?
Basically, it’s about zombies that feast on humans in order to survive. They grunt, walk, shrug looking for food (brain is their favorite part!) However, this one particular zombie (R) sorta feels he is different and yearns for something un-zombie like! He finds what he was missing thru Julie (whom her boyfriend was walapped by R! Can u say awkward?). R falls for the girl (gasp!) and Julie start falling for R (double gasp!) Hmm…guess love is blind in some case.
Love knows no boundries yo! :D

This lovey dovey feeling sparked between the love birds triggers something else which might just change the world as they know it!

How did HE......
becomes HIM??? O.O

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer make a cute couple and make an even cuter couple after ‘the change’! Guess sometimes all we need is a little love to change the world! Watch it for light entertainment and you will catch yourself smiling to yourself! 

Hottie who have hots for zombie!

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