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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Les Mis review

French Revolution Babeh!

 Les Miserables Review – Is it just me or Hollywood movies are getting longer and longer these days? Trying to compete with the Indian counterparts perhaps? Anyhow – Warning ahead! Please clear your bladder before sitting down 2 hour 40 minutes to watch/hear actors singing their dialogue. If Hathaway, Jackman and Seyfried were to release an album respectively, I would buy it. If they can get all 3 of them in one album, it’s even better! But I won’t be buying the OST because most songs are quite sad. One thing I don’t understand, why Russell got so much flack for his singing voice. I enjoyed his ‘solo’ performance, he won’t win any Grammy but he did his best! Rest of the lesser known cast did swell as well. They all made this movie so grand to watch.

Awesome cast!
 So much detail for the costume and make up. Should pick up an Oscar or two! As for the best picture award, I’m still leaning towards Richard Parker and Pi! Anne was in class of her own but my vote is still for Naomi in The Impossible! Hugh should get his golden statue unless Daniel Day Lewis snatches it away from him. One of the better musical to come out in years with superb script/lyrics to compliment an awesome cast! Viva La France! Viva La Musica!   

These two talented duo made the movie even awesomer!
I have a new obsession and it's called Sam! Yummeh!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hansel and Gretel Review

Handsome & Gorgeous indeed!

Hansel & Gretel review – Hansel and Gretel grew up to be Handsome and Gorgeous! What an eye candy casting Jeremy and Gemma as siblings! In my dirty little mind I was hoping they would commit incest because can you imagine how handsomely gorgeous the kid would look like? I was happy to see Dr. Jean Gray a.k.a. Phoenix a.k.a. Famke Janssen back on screen. She makes ugly witch look good! I grew up knowing Hansel & Gretel as kids who escaped from the evil witch. Now I know they grew up to be kick ass witch hunters! Gretel’s heart is so precious while poor Hansel has diabetic from being forced to eat all that candy and have to take insulin shots! I look forward what they gonna do in the future perhaps join force with vampire slayer? There are loads of witty lines and also some special moments between Gretel and a Troll named Edward! Catch this in 3D and enjoy the adventure! It’s a classic with tones of new twist indeed! 

Such eye candies! Yummeh!!!
When you are this beautiful no matter how ugly they make you, you will still look hot!

Parker Review

Jason at his best! Don't miss this!

Parker Review – Jason Statham is back yo! My fav almost bald hottie do what he does best! Kick some serious ass and kill with style! He don’t need gadgets like Bond, heck I think he can kick blonde Bond’s ass with just one arm! This is a totally action movie with some funny moments contributed by Jennifer Lopez! I must admit, I was not a fan of hers till she showed her other side on American Idol! It was weird though looking at her dressed normally and struggling to make ends meet. As much as the storyline goes…get ready for loads of whacking Parker style! Watch it if you wanna get pumped but be prepared for loads of blood! Jason really is back and I’m so glad! Just remember, for Parker – it’s not about the money but Principle! 

Don't be fooled! He can still kick your ass in this condition!
God can be so unfair sometimes! How else can you explain this? 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#TSDayOut Special Edition to Krabi!!!

Hello there…back again to read my krezi ramblings aren’t we?

This time, I have a treat for u because it was treat for meself as well! As I mentioned in my earlier posting. I had such an awesome time every time I joined Tourism Selangor Day’s Out, I practically start stalking their page and got to know about their SPECIAL EDITION DAY’s OUT TO KRABIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Say what???!!! Krabi! Yippee! I came so close so many times but never aculi made my way there so what better way to finally set my foot there than going on a bus trip with bunch awesome peopen (no, I didn’t misspell, I will explain my ‘typo mistake’ later!) Get ready for some krezi adventure!

It was not easy getting picked, because so many others wanted this opportunity as well. Heck, when they first posted and mention it was by invitation, my heart sank…Damn! Not again! I went to my sad corner waiting for the next Day’s Out announcement but as luck would have it…TS peeps decided to pick 10 lucky souls (5 from FB and 5 from Twitter) to be on board! Apa lagi???!!! Wiiiiiiiii….. wrote my name and waited for the good news and good news it was! My name got picked and not only that! Two of my friends were chosen as well! Double yippee! It’s about time we spend more than few hours together after being friends for so long right Maryam and Melvin? *Disclaimer – I don’t have any inside people in Tourism Selangor okie!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Totally worth more than the RM600 we paid for!

Time to dig for my passport after letting it sleep thru out 2012! Open tengok expiring on 14th Jan 2013, one day after we be back from the trip! Doink! Tak pelah…mayb it’s a sign that I gonna get to travel this year! Nak tanak kena re-new. Thanks Doggie (my nickname for my bestie!) for the transportation to the immigration!

After getting the passport renewed, it was time to look for luggage, thanks Santhi Akka for the bag! and thanks big Akka for trusting me with your camera! What would I do without you ladies?!

The next challenge is get my leave approved, agak-agak lah, baru start New Year nak cuti 3 days! Gulp! Time to get on Boss’s good side and nasib my crappy files somehow started to clear and my leave was approved! Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Next up, packing….ugh…I hate this part…I always over pack but this time I went over the iternary properly and did a decent job. Just nice to cover 5 amazing days! The day finally arrived!

Thanks Melvin for the pagi buta ride to the pick-up point kat Shah Alam. Nasib we didn’t sesat anywhere! Saw some familiar faces upon arrival and waited for the rest to join.

Pick up and drop off point

 Maryam made it as well! Yeay! Got buddies! Picked our seat on the bus and made our move. Some mini ice breaking sessions was conducted on the bus. We got to know who we gonna spent the next 4 nites! TS also announced a lot of good news for us. Complimentary massage (YES!!!), fresh coconut and what not! Yippee! Really gonna be an awesome trip this one!

Briefing time! Focus pls!
 I didn’t get a proper sleep the night before so I sorta dozed off until we reached a pit stop for a short brekkie. Walap the food and on with the journey. Dozed again till reached Penang for some press con at Royal Hotel, Penang. Was so damn hungry so didn’t quite concentrated what was going on but happy when I got my first fridge magnet courtesy of Tourism Penang! After the photo session, we were served lunch! 
One for the album!
Fooooooooooooooooooooooood! Nom nom nom nom…sedapppppppp….Melvin, Maryam and I sat together and we were joined by Anis! Had some interview session and made our first new friend! Yeay! After filling our tummy, the long haul journey to the sempadan begins. I was dozing on and off, been sometime since I last spend so much time in the bus. 

Can't remember the last time I crossed at this border!

We reached the sempadan and a big reveal happened while waiting for our passport to be prepared! Time to know who gonna be the roomie! I got to bunk in with Lily (hey roomie!), I’ve seen her at previous Day Out so it was cool! Even cooler? She is a chatter box just like me! Yeay! No need silent mode when in the room! Can bising sama-sama!

Lega semua lepasssss....hehehe
 The ride continued to Sadao check point, lined up, passport stamped and it’s time to minus one hour from our watch. 

Stamping time!
We were introduced to our awesome tour guide, Miss Inky (she is one kinky lady I tell ya!) 

The fab Miss Inky! Tichooooooooooooo
I love Thai tour guides, they are the best! With her funny accent and slap stick jokes. She had us laughing our ass off with her wittiness! The word tissue will never be pronounced the same way ever again! She made her intro and first order of the business…ehem ehem…who wants to go to Thai Girls/Aqua show or massage or free and easy? Time to pick! I must say despite visiting Thailand many times, I’ve never been to Thai Girl show. Went to Aqua Show during my previous company trip and was disgusted when I saw my X boss behaving un-Bossly! No offence, tapi kalau dah lelaki memang gatal! Eeeeee…

Anyways, turned out there were some noti monkeys in the bus and we manage to gather enuff ppl to hit the show. We arrived at our home for the night, Diamond Plaza Hotel, Hatyai. 

Nice and comfy place!

Cantek giler at strategic location sumore! Dumped our bag and ventured out for dinner! More friendship was formed! Loved it! Ordered our food. Food was so so only tapi janji kenyang lar. After feeding the perut it was time to cuci mata! Van was waiting andddddd….off we went…the place looked kinda shady. Was served our drinks, paid 500 bath for the whole experience and what an experience it was! Damn! I could never listen to some of my favorite songs the same way again! Almost one hour full of acid to eyes show! Burst out laughing so many times…thinking WOAH! … I can’t believe what she/he just ‘did’ on the stage! Alas I was no longer a Thai Girl show virgin. Was laughing the whole way back to the hotel. Next up on the agenda…Thai massage! YEAY!!! 2 hours of pancake for 300 bath only! Now that’s what I call an amazing deal! P/s – I got mini molested by my masseuse, well, what the heck! I’m in Thailand! Just gotta smile about it! After the massage, I dozed off around 1 am.

Got up the next morning, with new set of friends hunting for halal food around Hatyai. Bumped into Kelantanese shop and had our Nasi Lemak. Let’s just say…the makcik where I get my Nasik Lemak is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better! Tapi takpelah, janji dapat makan kan?
The breakfast club! Maryam, Dyat & Bella!
Bags were packed and checked out of Diamond Plaza Hotel (cue Rihanna’s Diamond song, it was on replay thru out my stay at the hotel, nasib they didn’t use it on the Thai Girl show wey!).    

Sing with me now.....shine like the Diamond...shine like the Diamond!

Bring on the bus-lag; we embarked on our journey to Krabi with a pit stop for lunch. Watched a movie which I have watched before but what the heck, Ryan Gosling deserve more than one time watch I say! Arrived at our destination, few hours before closing time.      

Get ready to walk your @$$ out!
 Walked, walked and walked some more! Panting and sweating but once my eyes saw the Pool! Oh My God! You truly are great! I’ve never seen anything like this! Worth all the walking I tell ya! Such clear blue water hence the name, The Blue Pool! Funny part! It farts, well sorta! U gotta clap ur hand and bubbles come out of it! Hehehe….kinky! After snapping future FB profile picture, we turned back to soak up the water in the Emerald Pool.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....worth all the sweat!
Being a handicap without my glasses, I refused to get into the water but as the theme of our future gang. I was pressured to get my ass into the water! Adoi! Dah ler mata blur, kaki pun pendek…how nak enjoy? but boy I was wrong! The bunch of krezi people I had with me proved me wrong! In no time I turned into a katak air! Tippy toe! Tippy toe! Kekekeke…more photo op! 

Snap snap snap click click click
Under water lar, here lah, there lah…asyik snap snap snap je! We were the noisiest bunch! Drenched with water, it was time to pack up! Another long walk back! Adoi…I tink I lost sum weight there! Good la kan?

More bus ride…zzzz…woke up….zzzzz…woke up…then dah sampai dah…Krabi Success Resort, Ao Nang! Masuk bilik je my jaw dropped! Cantek giler wey!!! 

Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa but wifi connection! Doink! Ish Ish Ish…well….takpe lar….if got wifi then can’t enjoy the hotel kan? After freshen uppen, the awesome people PCP sponsored our seafood dinner! Yahooooo! but but but Good Lord! I shd hv js see the food not eat it coz it was damn spicy! Tengok je nak nangis dah! Pedah giler dowh! Was chugging water like a tank! Some of them even chocked! Uhuk! Uhuk! 

 After that, jeng jeng jeng, we split into groups and what a group I landed in! Such krezi krezi krezi giler sewel! Introducing our peopen (wait for it, I will explain the meaning of peopen, I promise!) Afik (the Google guy and my ‘keyboard’!), Suren (Liverfool…eh I mean Liverpool reject!), Melvin (the Duracell bunny, dude I didn’t know u had such stamina wey!), Sarah (my first anak ayam! ehem ehem!) and Dian (So called TS rep tapi once she gets giler terus jadi syko!) and your truly (the Good gurl!). 

Introducing the Krezi Krabi Krew!
From left - Dian, Mua, Sarah (3 chicks) and (the 4 bhois) Suran, Melvin & Afik! (Ashraf belum lagik masa tuh!)

We went roaming around the Krabi nite market, bought some souvenirs, had some Haagen-Dazs,
floated some good luck balloon, walked, walked and walked sumore, bumped into other group; found wifi….updated our status and what not! Chilled a bit and moved on to Krabi’s nitelife! Happening giler wey! So many pubs so little time. Went up and down few places and finally settled at Chang Bar. The music was off the hook! Bought ourselves some drinks…lepak and wait for the dance floor to fill up. Next thing u know our gang were inside the bar hopping, bopping, jumping and building our own train track inside the Bar! We danced like there’s no tomoro while I showed off my ‘keyboard’ playing skills on our bhois! hehehe…thanks for layaning guys! We danced and danced, while Melvin’s and Suran’s eye kept looking at the pool table. Unfortunately, it was full house so we kept dancing, some even ‘rested’ on the pillar nearby (ehem! ehem!). Didn’t notice that time was passing by till the music stopped at 2 am! 

Heck Yeah babeh!

 We were soaked in our sweats but had an awesome time! After gaining some composure and we tried to walk back but who are we kidding? So damn far lar! Stopped a tuk tuk (krezi driver nevertheless!) and reached safely to our respective rooms. I was smelling like a bleeding ashtray so I soaked inside bathtub first because I know I can’t wake up early to shower the next morning! Thanks roomie for letting me inside the room. After soaking terus flattttttttttt around 4 am I think!

Next morning with less than 3 hours sleep, day 3 of our awesome trip arrived. After a quick bite, it was time for some Island Hopping! 

Another one for the album!!! Smile everybadi!!!!!
First destination got my horny reputation on the radar even though I stayed low profile…well…what the heck…I must admit, never seen so many dicks all at the same place at once! It was again an ‘eye opener’ indeed! 

ehem ehem....
Took more than few shots to show to folks at home! and then moved on to Thup Island! The water there! Oh My Water God! So clear! So cantik! Damn I wish I cld see clearer without my glasses! 

God's wonderful creation at it's best!
 Tippy toe time once again and sat on the rock watching others. Then try to see fishy, just like in Redang. Such brave lil fish! More photo op pursued. Snap snap snap. Then got back on land with fresh coconut waiting to be sipped! I came in last and was told dah habis! Giler! But of couse I got one in the end and baru nak minum dah kena halau naik boat balik! Sip Sip Sip…nasib tak choke! Uhuk Uhuk!

On the way we saw more islands, Koda Island and also Chicken Island which looked more like a Turkey to me! 

Chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Island!

My homies on the boat!

Arrived just in time for lunch! Yeay! More food! This time it was simple tapi sedap, plus the place had wifi so apa lagik? Update update update kasi kawan jeles! Got tones of komens of earlier postings…some happy am having fun while other turned green on envy! muahaha….lantak kau lar! Kekeke…

Dah makan so apa lagi?...balik hotel, mandi and got ready for the power massage! One hour only but boy it was a damn good one! krak kruk krak kruk! My roomie and I gelak like we were on crack o sumting! Tried to ask if can get another hour extension but was told to call ‘Kai’ ….errrr….nemind….one hour is fine we guess! After kena kau kau…dozed off…mom called and checked on me. Kena sound when I told her I was sleeping. “U go so far js to sleep ar?” Trust me Mum, if it was u….I dono what you would be doing! After an awesome nap, got up and got ready for the official dinner with people from Tourism Krabi but we missed them due to some mix up…tak kisah lah…on with the program, Dinner time! Yup! That was what this trip all about, well fed, well taken cared, well enjoyed, ALL WAS WELL! Food was good this time so apa lagi? Serangggggggggg…..yum yum yum…sat with the Big Boss sumore but still didn’t behave…what’s the use? they oredi know I’m born this way…hehehe
Left to rite - Bella, Sarah, Lily (hey roomie!), Big Boss aka, En. Fazlee, Anis, Ashraf and Maryam (thanks for still being frens with me after witnessing me going nutss!)
 Our krezi bhois had rented sum bike and went to watch the Sunset earlier while we were napping (Dang it! Kenapa tak kasitau?). So guess what’s next? Joyride Krabi style yo! Each had a bike and off we went down the Krabi road….wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… so hapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….with wind blowing …nothing in my mind except happiness! 

Rubba dub dub babeh!

Small pit stop at local pasar malam and mingle with the locals then it was time to hit the dance floor once again. We made such an impression the night before, we got VIP seats this time around. Woot! Woot! Had few sip and made our move, joined by our Chinese clan and we rocked the place away! 

All set to hit the club!
Most fun I had with people I’ve just met! Practice my keyboard skills! Ehem ehem! Gotta to this again sometime soon!  

Ashraf decided to join the Dark Krezi side!
Left the place as legends (Sorta! I think!). My poor roomie got her sleep disturbed again and graciously let me in. Soaked in the bath tub and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Clubbing 2 nites in a row! Oh boy! Is this really me?

Finaly they got the play!
 Wakey wakey…here comes day 4! Time to work out those arms! Kayak! First thought on my mind…abis….koyak aku! Fortunately found a Kayak King to be my partner! He taught me well! Thanks Ashraf! (ehem ehem) Damn proud I didn’t pengsan halfway or anything! 
Chumel plak roomie aku ni ek? ;)

Explored cave with weird drawings 

Snap snap time again!
Lily, Bella, Dian, Mua & Afik!

Take that Picasso!

and more kayaking to the Blue Lagoon which was…errr….not blue at all (U supposed to look up at the blue sky…not the lagoon….oooooo I seeeeee!) 

Blue Lagoon!

Our kayak/cave guide really cracked us up…more on that later tho! 

So happy I gotten taken picturen withen him-en! 

More kayaking under the blazing hot Sun! Abis from dark duck am gonna be burnt duck for sure! All the hard work hiding from the Sun after my Redang trip was gone in vain but then no pain no gain right?

Ayuh let's kayuh!
Kayaked back to more yummy lunch! So far the most happening makan table! Met my match, had to tone down for safety purpose! 

Afik doing what he does best....part time server!

Changed into dry cloths and dozed off in the bus till reached Floating Market Pasar Malam.

I think the heat got me as I was a bit tired so opt so slow things down by ditching the krezi hyper gang and join Maryam for a slow walk, bought loads of things…mampus nak angkat balik dowh! 

Dah ting tong by the time reach here but still ventured out!

Plain and simple meal!
RM2 je for this! I bought 4! ;)

We were safe until bumped into the krezi gang and was forced to eat bug! Eugh!!! We got conned at the carnival game. I swear the duck was glued wey!  

Tengok tu...all the calmness hilang as soon as jumpa bebudak ni balik! Kena serang to eat a bug!

Reached our hotel for the nite, Sakura Grand View Hotel, Hatyai…our last hotel for the trip! Wifi was working, so on with zombie mode, update status and what not…we got connecting room so apa lagi? Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Woot! Woot! but but but before that kena gather gang lar…watsap time….come to room 616-618 pls. Some came some left but we still had enuff peopen (It’s coming, it’s coming! I promise!) to entertain each other. This time we had my roomie, Lily (no choice since she was stuck with me!), Afik, Sarah, Dian, Ashraf and meself. We opted to tapau some drink from nearby 7 E and bumped into the big boss around 12 am. Ehem ehem pegi mana tu Boss?

Turn out the 7 E didn’t hv much things so we got on tuk tuk and ventured out for some midnite snack consisting of Pulut Durian and Pulut Mangga…yummeh! Owh oso had big ass prawn! Double yummeh! 

Pulut Mangga dong
Atau Pulut Durian

Besar giler wey!

Lepak lepak gelak gelak…even for simple joke! Wonder what they put on ‘em food yo! After getting the final order. Teh tarik satu jam. We were back in the party room, this time Melvin joined us. Lil’ more zombie online mode, some pillow fight later, out comes the card. 

Guess who kena belasah? Hampeh betul!
Dono what game…bluff or sumting but somehow I kept getting bluffed! Cilakak betul! Then came a brill game suggestion from Melvin! Angel and Devil! At first we were like….ala….apa la…tak bes lar…but as we kept playing we aculi came up with a new lingo! As promised, this is the meaning for peopen. Remember our guide at the kayak/cave earlier. We don’t mean to be rude or sumting but he had the funniest accent! Somehow the poor fella could not pronounce certain words and it ended up sounding funny to us. He adds –en into his words. For example…middle becomes midden, people become peopen, devil becomes deven, angel becomes angen…you get the flow? So….since we were high on sugar, the game was officially changed into the Angen and Deven game! I swear we didn’t smoke any weed or consume any alcohol but the atmosphere in the room somehow looked like we had smoked up a whole farm and cleaned out a bar!

I kept getting killed so i op to take picture while waiting to get killed again!

 It was really awesome laughing, giggling, and smiling…somehow during the game I kept getting killed! I wonder why? We came up with more nicknames for each other. Can’t believe how strangers have become such good friends in such short span of time! I don’t know what Tourism Selangor had in their mind when they planned this trip, but I simply had the best time of my life! Will cherish the memory forever! Thank you so much great peopen of Tourism Selangor!

The laughter continued into wee hours of the morning and we had to shut our eyes at least for one hour so bid goodbye and yes….flattttttttttttttttttttttttt….got up barely few hours later. Packed and check out. 

Sedih pulak nak balik....had a really awesome time!
More surprise….breakfast was on the house but our group was longing for sleep more than food aculi. All muka like zombie je except for this one person! (Yes! I’m looking at u Melvin!) 
Muka control for photo op...tapi tgh ngantuk gilerrrrrrrrr..zzzzzzzzzzz

Walap some roti canai…sigh….gimme our mamak food anytime lar…tapi nak tanak kena lah makan kan? Nak order air oso took so long! Adoi! After alas perut. Said sayonara to Sakura and bus-lag time. We stopped at few places. Time to spend more money! I went trigger happy collecting cashewnuts la….itu lah, ini lah…but it was totally worth it! Few more stop and while waiting, our group manage to play Angen and Deven with the others were giving us the weird look! Kekeke….

Inky said her goodbye! Thank you so much for your hospitality Madame! You will be remembered as an Alzheimer legend! Heck we even got our own Krabi Krazi Klub on FB and Inky is the official honorary member! Can’t wait to see what after math picture gonna get loaded there!

Once in the bus, some opt to rest while some were restless! Too much of too much I guess. I was like on back up battery. Dozing on and off. Miss TS had bought a dvd (movie Looper) at 7 E and it turned to be in Thai! Well, what the heck. We let it play. Some chatting, some checking on the picture, some….I dono…, we played more games on the bus to keep others entertained/annoyed…depending on their mood!

Well...........kan dah kata....memang giler punya geng!
We reached Sadao point again and was let loose for a while. Final shopping time and more photo op! Snap snap click click and back to the bus! Upon crossing the border, got data plan so apa lagi, plant the eye on the fon/tab screen time. I was dozing on and off again till we reach Sungai Dua. Our last meal for the awesome trip! Mee Udang! One look and I knew I will blow smoke if I had it so I change my menu and as usual my food arrived late so had to rush thru it. Banyak sangat so I tapau it back. Nak waste, rugi pulak kan? 

Sedap....mesti datang balik next time!
Anyways…bus moved. Ingat nak tido, tried to tido but hell no! Some peopen’s battery was still full so had to surrender to the noise. But then it would be boring if the bus was quite oso! After stopping Tanjung Malim rest stop, I think. Our peopen gang gather at the back of the bus to play Angen and Deven! We even managed to recruit one Chinese godden! I as usual got killed over and over again…oh well…whatever makes you guys happy I guess!

We kept playing till we reached our drop off point, back at TS office building in Shah Alam. Most got off but some stayed on to turun at KL Sentral. New friendship formed, existing bonds grew tight with a promise of keeping in touch with each other! Hugs all around! Awesome Day’s Out indeed! Bravo Tourism Selangor. Thank you so much for choosing my name from the hot list! I’m sorry if I said or did anything wrong! No ‘hard’ feelings okie! Please still consider me for your future Day’s Out. I can’t promise to be good but I try not to be too bad! 
Pls don't reject me after this... ;)
Khap Khun Kaaaaaaa
Terima kasih, thank you, nandri, thoh che', khap khun ka Tourism Selangor!
Thanks Dian for letting me use some of your pictures here! 

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