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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Les Mis review

French Revolution Babeh!

 Les Miserables Review – Is it just me or Hollywood movies are getting longer and longer these days? Trying to compete with the Indian counterparts perhaps? Anyhow – Warning ahead! Please clear your bladder before sitting down 2 hour 40 minutes to watch/hear actors singing their dialogue. If Hathaway, Jackman and Seyfried were to release an album respectively, I would buy it. If they can get all 3 of them in one album, it’s even better! But I won’t be buying the OST because most songs are quite sad. One thing I don’t understand, why Russell got so much flack for his singing voice. I enjoyed his ‘solo’ performance, he won’t win any Grammy but he did his best! Rest of the lesser known cast did swell as well. They all made this movie so grand to watch.

Awesome cast!
 So much detail for the costume and make up. Should pick up an Oscar or two! As for the best picture award, I’m still leaning towards Richard Parker and Pi! Anne was in class of her own but my vote is still for Naomi in The Impossible! Hugh should get his golden statue unless Daniel Day Lewis snatches it away from him. One of the better musical to come out in years with superb script/lyrics to compliment an awesome cast! Viva La France! Viva La Musica!   

These two talented duo made the movie even awesomer!
I have a new obsession and it's called Sam! Yummeh!

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