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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Parental Guidance Review

Parental Guidance Review – Thank you God! Unlike the way I started 2012 with a turkey called The Darkest Hour. Movie MANIac’s 2013 started off with a feel good movie. It was like a mini family reunion watching Billy, Bette, Marissa & Tom on the big screen again! It’s so weird that I can relate to the part when ‘Artie’, Billy Crystal’s character gets ‘bumped’ from his job! The conversation with his boss about the latest tech, apps and what not made me feel like an oldie! I just wanna know, do we have to have a favorite Angry Bird? Why would anyone like a bird that’s angry? Does it count if I just had a favorite Spice Girl instead? Anyway, the movie shows the gap between generations as a result of the fast moving world! How fast you can lose something or someone that important to you if you don’t make an effort to keep it close. Awesome for whole family to sit and spend quality time watching it. Now excuse me while I look for a husband like Phil Simmons and an R-Life equip house! Till then, here’s to more good movies like this for the rest of 2013! 

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