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Thursday, 3 January 2013

My first #TSDayOut to Kuala Langat!

Hello there…it’s been a while in’it….heck it’s been more than a while so let’s begin our new adventure reading about my adventure! I found out about Tourism Selangor (TS) from my friend and was curious to know more about their activity so when I saw a posting on their Facebook page about Day’s Out to Kuala Langat, I entered my name with hope I get picked. You can guess what happened next or else I won’t blogging about it right? 

Newbie alert! Such an awesome adventure!
The meeting point for everybody was at Pizza Hut, Bangsar. While waiting for everybody to show up, new friendship was formed. Apparently they have done this Day’s Out quite a number of times before I found out about this, but never mind, better late than never right?
Perhimpunan Haram! hehehe

Bus is here redy!
We travelled by bus (very comfy I might add!) to our destination. Since it’s been sometime I forgot how long did the journey took but I think it was maybe around 1 hour plus. While in the bus we got some extra info from TS people, Cik Dian and Miss Renuga (very-very friendly and lively bunch!). 

Miss Renuga, Cik Dian and a Orang Asli sharing info with us
I dare u to gantung this on your bedroom!

This was on the floor
This too
So creative eh?

 Upon arriving at our destination, Carey Island, we were treated to traditional Orang Asli performance. It was a new experience for me watching the way they live harmoniously with their surroundings. They support their own selves with their own labor. They are such talented and creative people. The wood cravings they create are amazing to look at and go for a very high price. It deserves so because it’s hand-made and takes a lot of effort. 
Welcome! Welcome!
Some of the crafts
Work place, where art comes to life
I had to do this!

Cantik kan?

Want a door stopper or two?

Letter opener perhaps

This trip totally changed my perception about Orang Asli! 

Let's Dance!

Simple instruments played by talented musicians!
Bang! ABC satu1
After spending an educational time at Carey Island we had a pit stop to taste ABC. It was an awesome treat on a hot day. The blended ice just melted right away. Best part it was sponsored by TS! Unfortunately some participants couldn’t taste it because the shop ran out of ice! Awww…too bad and luckily I got to taste one! 


Got to walap this for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oso! ;)

On with the program, next up was a short stop over to a Museum. That’s when it started to pour cats and dogs. We were indoor and went around the Museum for a short history lesson.  It was quite insightful indeed! 

Come in! Come in!

Enter if you dare!

After the rain stopped we moved on to Istana Alaeddin. It was so spacious and all I can think of is how to clean it! I already have hard time cleaning my tiny apartment, but then again if you live in an Istana, I’m sure you can/should afford to get somebody else to clean it for you eh? 
All white castle


After covering the ground of the white palace and we were off to our last destination. Gold Coast Morib for short tea break and prize giving ceremony for the photo contest! Yup! Did I mention on top of going on a free trip, Tourism Selangor also gives away cash money of RM250 for the photo contest winners! I don’t know about you but I will stalk their fb page from now on for more awesome trips in the future!
We got our own Gold Coast as well!
Interesting looking light!

Oh I forgot to mention, I always wanted to go to Gold Coast Morib since it was opened but didn’t get a chance until this trip came along. Now I look forward to bring my family and friend over there for some fun in the sun time.
Alas, I didn’t win the photo contest but heck I got a lot more than that. I managed to make a lot of new friends and learn more about Selangor, a state I grew up but know so little about! Thank you Tourism Selangor for this wonderful opportunity and bravo on a job well done!

Made new fren!

The informative Cik Dian of TS! 

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