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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hansel and Gretel Review

Handsome & Gorgeous indeed!

Hansel & Gretel review – Hansel and Gretel grew up to be Handsome and Gorgeous! What an eye candy casting Jeremy and Gemma as siblings! In my dirty little mind I was hoping they would commit incest because can you imagine how handsomely gorgeous the kid would look like? I was happy to see Dr. Jean Gray a.k.a. Phoenix a.k.a. Famke Janssen back on screen. She makes ugly witch look good! I grew up knowing Hansel & Gretel as kids who escaped from the evil witch. Now I know they grew up to be kick ass witch hunters! Gretel’s heart is so precious while poor Hansel has diabetic from being forced to eat all that candy and have to take insulin shots! I look forward what they gonna do in the future perhaps join force with vampire slayer? There are loads of witty lines and also some special moments between Gretel and a Troll named Edward! Catch this in 3D and enjoy the adventure! It’s a classic with tones of new twist indeed! 

Such eye candies! Yummeh!!!
When you are this beautiful no matter how ugly they make you, you will still look hot!

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