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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Parker Review

Jason at his best! Don't miss this!

Parker Review – Jason Statham is back yo! My fav almost bald hottie do what he does best! Kick some serious ass and kill with style! He don’t need gadgets like Bond, heck I think he can kick blonde Bond’s ass with just one arm! This is a totally action movie with some funny moments contributed by Jennifer Lopez! I must admit, I was not a fan of hers till she showed her other side on American Idol! It was weird though looking at her dressed normally and struggling to make ends meet. As much as the storyline goes…get ready for loads of whacking Parker style! Watch it if you wanna get pumped but be prepared for loads of blood! Jason really is back and I’m so glad! Just remember, for Parker – it’s not about the money but Principle! 

Don't be fooled! He can still kick your ass in this condition!
God can be so unfair sometimes! How else can you explain this? 

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