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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bullet to the Head review

Why worry about storyline when u got loads of bullet to shoot?

Bullet to the Head Review – Malaysian translation  - Peluru Kena Kepala (I kid u NOT!) The whole movie stays loyal to the title literally. Sly meets a guy – Bang! Sly meets another guy – Bang again. The more guys he meet, the more guys get  Banged! (pun intended!) And where he shoots you ask? Check the title of the movie! Storyline…what storyline? Thank God there are some eye candies in the form of Korean hunk, Kang Sung, beefcake Jason Momoa and heavily tattooed Sarah Shahi! (Yummeh times 3 there!) Heck even Christian Slater looks good before he gets a bullet to the head! Oh yeah, if you have trouble sleeping, listen to Sly Stallone’s voice coz I almost dozed off every time he narrates the storyline but his conversation with Kang Sung character, Taylor was funny and witty, like watching an old married couple bickering! Nobody’s gonna put a Bullet to you head if you watched or missed this movie! The choice is yours because it’s your money and time! 
Unfortunately Sly looks old very very OLD!

So hot with 'em tatoos, it's 'fairly legal' to drool!
Beefcake Momoa looks..well...beefy!       
To shoot or not to shoot?

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