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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cloud Atlas Review

Amazing cast to carry amazing movie!

Cloud Atlas Review – Where do I even begin?

What do you get when you put 3 creative Directors together to direct A movie? 

Answer : 6 stories in A single movie! 

What do you get when you cast amazing Actor/Actress for such A movie? 

Answer : The same people playing different type of characters where each storyline intertwined.

Watch closely as they change into each character brilliantly!

Mind you that it is not an easy feed unless your name are one of these, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon and a whole lotta talented bunch! You can test your actor/actress spotting knowledge by figuring out who plays which character at each timeline. I had some hits and few misses! In case you failed, just hang on till end credit as they reveal the answers! It made me go….WOAH! Really? Damn! I didn’t see that! Also pay close attention to the music at the end, it’s the one composed by Frobisher called, Cloud Atlas Sextet! He really was a talented fella, too bad for the way things ended for him…sigh…curious? Well, go watch the movie lah then!

We are all connected in one way of the other!
I can’t pinpoint my review coz it has so many ripple reaction from one timeline to the other. If you are expecting the usual pop-corn flick, stay away, far far away. This almost 3 hour ride is not for the usual movie goers. You gotta appreciate the art in this movie to fully grasp the message, be it about environment, sexual orientation or the future. It’s all been blend in nicely with awesome setting of costume, make up, language and background scenery. You truly get to travel back and forth into so many dimension of time! Try not to lose focus or you will sure ‘sesat’! Just clear your mind and enjoy this Cloud while it lasts. Gem like this seldom appear in our blockbuster hungry cinemas, world and timeline for that matter. 

P/S - I think it's about time people give credit to Hugo Weaving! That dude is simply AMAZEBALLS man! 

Sit and enjoy or stare and get confused! hehehe! ;)

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