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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard review

His back so you better watch your back!

 A Good Day to Die Hard review – Let’s begin with a challenge shall we? Try to count the number of vehicles that get smashed during the car chase scene at the beginning of the movie! I dare you! I lost my count the moment I saw Benz flying off left and right! Not just flying cars, even helicopter gets blown away! Such opener only means one thing, John McClane is ready to kick serious Russian ass even when his on holiday! I don’t dare to imagine what his does do when he is not on holiday! After presenting his no bull shit daughter in the last installment, Die Hard 4.0, this sequel introduces us to his ‘kruthoi’ son (go Google translate for the meaning!) I thought his daughter was hot but his son is even hotter! (*increase air con temp) 

Watcha lookin' at old man?

The storyline however is no rocket science, somehow when a movie involves Russia, it gets connected to Chernobyl and are all Russian guys named Yuri while the woman is called Irina? So typical re-petition. Perhaps they should look for other names from now on. Another ‘bonus’ watching it in Malaysian cinema, they start to bleep the word fuck which is of course a dumb idea for an action movie. It’s so annoying when a whole sentence goes missing just because of that one word! It’s rated 18 and above so I don’t understand the purpose of such censorship but then…what can you do eh? Other than that just enjoy the explosive ride courtesy of John McClane and his son Jack! (Yummeh!) Yippee Ki-Yay till the next installment yo!  

Hey....wat u mean am old? I can still kick ur ass! Lucky u r my son tough!

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