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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lincoln Review!

Poster worth a million words!


Lincoln Review – Here’s what I knew about Lincoln before, he was the 16th US President, tall as a tower with funny looking beard and had something to do about freeing the blacks. Here’s what I learned about Lincoln after the preview, he not only ended the slavery, he changed the course of history! 

Perfect Leading Lady, Director and Leading Man! Awesome 3sum!
Mr. Spielberg managed to direct one of the best autobiographies of the most famous President in US history. Give him his Best Director Oscar now itself please! Now about the cast, let’s begin with the smaller role. I only knew about Daniel Day Lewis being in the movie so imagine my surprise when I saw my crush of the moment, Joseph Gordon Levitt showing up as Abe’s son! This boy from 3rd Rock From the Sun is gonna go places with his talent! Sally Field…just like her famous speech when she won her 2nd Academy Awards, yes Sally, we love you! We really really love you! You are amazing for a tiny person! Tommy Lee Jones, this guy may have a facial expression of a wall but that’s not a problem when his body language tells a story of its own! Then, there’s the barely recognizable James Spader of Boston Legal, Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies, Gloria Ruben of ER fame but who can forget the main man? DANIEL DAY LEWIS! This dude… I tell you, it was not him acting in the movie but he basically transformed into Abe! He simply blows you mind away! Take of the costume, erase the makeup and you will believe its Lincoln himself starring as himself! Pardon me but I think the late Pres would turn in his grave if Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t get to bring home his 3rd Oscar for this master piece! The amazing cast was greatly matched with awesome screenplay! It’s so nice to hear to the words uttered, people don’t speak like that anymore sadly…

Bravo Casting Director! Damn spot on!
You might think why would you want to watch a 2 ½ hour movie about some far away Commander in Chief who lived over a 100 years ago, but it will be your loss because you will miss a universal goal that the current world are still struggling to achieve. Equal rights for all human being! It only takes one man to start a change, one man can make a difference, it’s sad he wasn’t around much longer to make more changes. Thank you Mr. President for standing up for what you believe! God bless you honest Abe and please re-incarnate and save us again if you can!   

Who do u see? D.D.Lewis or Abe. Lincoln?

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