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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer review

This Giants are damn hensem rite? hehehe ;)

 Jack the Giant Slayer Review – There seems to be a new trend going on in Hollywood recently. Giving new twist to old time fairy tales. First there was Red Riding Hood, recently Hansel & Gretel and now Jack and the Beanstalk…ops I mean Jack the Giant Slayer! I wonder which one will get revamped next? Till then, on with the review. The storyline pretty much stays true to the original tale with not much twirl except we get to see the fugly looking Giants a lot closer this time! I mean closer! CLOSER! I watched it in Imax 3D so trust me on this! Just a question after the closer look, how come all male Giants only ar, where are the female? Makes you wonder right?
Wacha looking at? Go watch the movie now!
 Anyways, the movie was done in English accent which I think made it totally wicked awesomer! That posh’ness simply adds some UMPH to the flick! Heck even the Giants sounds sexy with ‘em Brit twang once you get over their filthy face and repulsive attitude, but you better run if you bump into one, unless you wanna be in their tummy!

Tiny beans with big problems!
Looking Good Jack!

 Nicholas Hoult is fast becoming one of my favorite Brit boy! I still remember him as the annoying boy in Hugh Grant’s ‘About A Boy’! How you have grown into a yummeh young lad! Then there’s my all-time love, Ewan McGregor, still looking dashing as everrrrrrrr! Newcomer Eleanor Tomlinson looks radiant as Princess Isabella! I heart Stanley Tucci playing the bad guy! This guy is simply amazing!

My fav talent as big as Giants! Bill & Stanley

The journey up and down the beanstalk was quite fun with balanced dose of humor, action and I love when things rhymes! The words are like spoken song! Take a walk down your childhood memory lane tru this updated version of a beloved classic tale! Fe Fo Fi Fum go watch this now dum dum!

Ready to take on the Giants! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good review Krezi. It’s a whole bunch of fun that never got old me for me and never, ever got tiring.