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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey Review

Bunch of misfits, reminds me so much of my own friends!
The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey Review – Confession – Not really a fan of Lord of the Rings type of movies or The Hobbit for that matter but I won the ticket and finally managed to find time and a wacko to join me and sit tru 3 hours of the journey involving Hobbit, Elves, Goblins, Trolls and so many other creatures. My verdict – I can’t wait for the journey to continue! I liked it better than LOTR series. It had balanced mixture of humor, action, courage scenes among others. Props to Andy Serkis as Gollum! He should win an Oscar man! Pour so much talent into bringing a foul creature to life is no child’s play. The moment Gollum hits the screen, there’s extra magic and I totally dig the way it say preciousssssssss….muahahaha!


 Sir Ian McKellan – this old timer can’t do no wrong as Magneto or Gandalf. Despite having so many characters, each were given sufficient screen time to shine! 

I see some familiar faces there! Some are so much like my friends! Krezi bunch of peopen!
Watching it with a person who can make fun and associate some of the characters makes it even fun-er! We were just laughing trying to figure out which of our friends suit which character! 3 hours just pass by with ease! Bring on the sequel and I definitely look forward to more adventure together with Bilbo Baggins and his new found friends! 

Bring on the sequel I say!

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