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Sunday, 3 February 2013

3 Days of Krezi Syko Weekend ~ 1st - 3rd Feb 2013

A ‘short’ blog coz it will be too long post as fb status! Jus wanna share I had a freaking awesome weekend which started off with catching with the krezi Krabi gals and meeting an almost real life Super Hero  with interesting background! 

Dian, meself, Sarah and Ashraf!
After lepaking at Wondermama and walaping the wonderful food, we moved on to get our foot reflexed! One of us almost cried being ‘tortured’ by her masseuse and it was funny communicating via whatsap while we were just beside each other! Kau kau control pain, control laugh and control entah apa lagi! 

Sarah muka control tapi nangis dlm watsap!

Not bad! Not bad at all!

After 45 minutes we were off to Nirwana for some midnite snack, Maggi Goreng on banana leaf! Then off balik rumah, thanks for the ride Sarah, but I know u js wanted to find out where I live rite? Kekeke

Next day was a Public Holiday but due to a previous idiot mistake at the office, I have get into office and try to solve the matter. Not fully solved but at least we found a way to tackle the matter. A walk down memory lane tru Kotaraya and  bus ride to Sunway Piramid with a growling stomach! Met up with me Pal! Headed strait to Papa John’s and filled up the empty stomach! Chat, laugh, catch up, kutuk, laugh some more, chat some more…sat there like for 3 hours after not meeting since 2012! Must kai kai more often lar Pal! 
Guess where?!

Got call for next activity! Said tata to me Pal! Bus, lrt and car ride to find a stupid place called Lala Chong Seafood for gathering and loh sang sessions with Take Me Out gang! Stuck in jam, caught in rain, cursed at drivers and we made it! Thank Irene for taking in my bullcrap! Saw the usual gang, some with their partner, some still single and some still krezi (any guess who?) Waited for other lost soul to arrive and complain about trying to find the freaking place!  Ordered some satay as appetizer! Unfortunately some couldn’t make it…from original 3 tables we were down to 2 table but still havoc! Loh Sang served, time to kacau kacau, eat eat, talk talk, laugh, laugh, molest molest, molested molested (Damn you Judy!) laugh laugh again, eat eat again, talk talk again! 

Kacau kacau kacau!!! Ong Ong Ong!
Catching up and suddenly rained cats and dogs! Waited the rain out. Some proceed for clubbing sequel but I had to get my ass back home so kena kutuk for leaving! Oh well…take your best shot! Got home at 1 am! Thanks again Irene for the ride!

Sorry had to ffk the sequel gang!
Got my fon back alive and online and BANG!!!  Poor Lumia start getting fits! Buzzing every micro second! Dozed off after trying to catch up with the watsap msg and from the looks of it, Broga hiking was moving further and further away. Not sure what was gonna happen when I wake up. Somehow something woke me up at 8 am on a Saturday! Checked back with TMO gang, they wrapped up the sequel at 4 am! Woah….nasib tak ikut! Checked with krezi gang…got back up plan…

Sort out the head count and headed over to pick up point. Three krezi gals and a Deven started our journey to Uluhati in Kuala Selangor. 


Miss Social Network, Dian hocked us up with more of her friends. After ice breaking and finding out Deven had a twin! We were invited to taste yummy food! Sedap woah! Joined by Sarah’s fren, Eddy. After mum mum, went on mini tour and saw horsy, pony, chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, goats and sick boy Melvin was feeling bored recovering at home so he decided to join us! 

Do u see what I see? hehehe ;)

Why Hello There Deer! :D
We lepaked, chat, laugh, take picture, mini lecture in photography by Deven before he had to leave. 

Let's lepaks borak-boraks

Lepak some more till Uncle….(sorry lupa nama pulak) was setting up for some fun game! Towel Balloon, Balloon Towel, Catch balloon with towel, throw Balloon using the towel…heck take ur pick on the name but the game was fun! Some good catchers, some good throwers! Loads of fun nonetheless! 

Tangkap jangan tak tangkap!
Sumting simple turned out to be so fun!
Siap got prize for the winner some more. Krezi Pendatang Asing won! Woot! Woot!  Then more fooooooooooood! Bubur kacang merah (my fav!) and sweets! Nom nom nom…time envied our fun so had to bid farewell but not without wonderful memories yet again! Pit stopped to borong some manggis and duku! Dian’s dropped at pick up point and was home in no time! Awesome back up plan indeed! 

Received call from Irene about the Lock and Key Party at La Bodega but was too tired to join her! Sorry gurl. Lepak on bed till Mom called, come to makan o not?....yes ma…coming! Dragged my ass and was delighted to see she cooked my fav Sothi! Yummeh!!! Lepak and almost dozed off. Forced myself to get home. Got some X man wave and watsap this syko friend of mine. Her reply, ‘Eh I’m in KL, leaving tomoro’! Lerrrrrr…..y u no tell me earlier? Could hv  intro u to the krezi gang! Asked if wanna meet for breakfast! 

After fixing the time and place dozed off around 3 am! Got up at 7 and got lost in Bukit Bintang a bit trying to find where she was staying! Siap pakai Nokia map lagi tuh! Found the place, had complimentary breakfast at Old Town White Café. 

Mum mum but not so yum yum!

Then syko said she wants to go to Sogo, I was like…y there? “Owh my bro asked me to tapau Kyros Kebab’s daging salai”! Lerrrr….macam tade branch lain bongok! I had to run but she was showing her Puss in Boots pathetic face so told her will rejoin her once am done being a good aunty! Taught her how to take lrt to get to Sogo while I was stuck in sea of white chickens at niece’s ballet class! Rushed off to send my niece back and zoomed to KLCC. Sogo tade stock so she went to KLCC to get some there. Lumia batt was giving up on me yet again but luckily managed to meet up with her before it kong’ed! Tak sampai 10 minutes we were out of KLCC and headed to KL Sentral. Checked with her on the flight time, still maintain cakap at 3.30 pm so sempat lagi. Was suppose to send her off at the ERL but another Puss in Boots face scene and I melted. What the heck…boarded the ERL, got off at KLIA and took Limo to LCCT! Saw the board and noticed that the check in was CLOSED!!! Errr…rushed to get the bag checked by airport security and while lining up to check in the bag…baru sedar the flight time! 3.15 and it was oredi 2.50. Mana kaunter tak tutup!  Soooo….what now? Buy ticket for next flight or  next day? Checked the next available flight, still got place tapi cost a return trip price! Mak datuk!  Kept asking me what to do….errrr….apa plak…how do I know? Ko decide lar…nak naik next flight ke or next day fly out! Opted to fly the day after. Paid the PRICE and got onto the bus. Was so damn tired by then but the syko just won’t zip it…was listening as much as possible then kinda dozed off. She was busy with her S3! Thank God! Baru je tutup mata dah sampai KL Sentral. Freaking hungry so walap Subway sandwich.  Then next, go KLCC again to check out the Canadian Education Fair, the real reason she was here but didn’t get to do it! After dumping her God forsaken heavy bag into the locker, we were off to KLCC AGAIN!!! Checked on movie time,  bought ticket to Bullet to the Head then went to the Convention Center  at 6.15! Saw the board…it’s only till 6 pm! Lak niiiiiiiiii….u kidding me rite? Haizzzz….coming back down, saw PC so lepas geram kat sana kejap. Pastu back to KLCC to dinner. Mum Mum Italiano before watching Italia pride on the big screen! Sly did his shooting while this syko was sleeping! 
Doze fest for Syko! Pay money to sleep pulak!
Bongok betul, kalu penat cakap lah…boleh balik je tadi kan! She was at such peace sleeping her butt away. Big shooting scene woke her up and the movie ended. Rushed back to get the bag from KL Sentral, then back to Masjid Jamek to my place. Sampai rumah terus charge S3 and update her frens back in KK. Kena kutuks kau kau for missing the flight and got an earful to not do the same again!  After quick shower and playing with my kids we flat till this morning…woke up wondering what happen to the weekend! Got ready, walked to LRT…kekeke….member dah sweating dah! Ejected her at Tasik Selatan and I reached office late. Nasib Boss belum masuk. Office PC still rusak so still on pelarian mode. Saw the damn letter about the missing file and lost my appetite to do my work so start typing this instead! Wasted enough of your time so now it’s time to get back to work mode, if any! Till next time.  Have a great day!    

Introducing Syko from Sabah aka Ery!

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