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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kadal Review - Yes I watch Tamil movie every now and then!

Kadal review – I seldom, I repeat I seldom watch Tamil movies. I can only name a few actor and actress from Kollywood. Call me berlagak but I’ve watched far too many Tamil movies with almost similar storylines over and over again! Besides that, I can’t stand the sing and dance sequence. This particular movie however intrigued me with the Tri-facta! 1st - it’s Directed by Mani Ratnam, his stories are always out of the box. 2nd – Music by A.R. Rahman, the maestro returns to India afer staying in Hollywood after scoring his Grammy and Oscar! 3rd – Action King Arjun and Hottie Arvind Swamy, two of my favourite heroes with history of awesome movies. 

Double Yumyyyyy!!!

Bonus point – Put all this talented people together and you know you are in for an awesome ride! 
Anyway, the story revolves around a prostitute son, Thomas who was orphoned after his mother’s passing while he was still a kid. He somehow managed to survive his childhood but without proper guidance turned out to be a ‘rowdy’. In comes Arvind as a priest trying to be bring him to the patch of God while he himself have to face his old nemesis in the form of Arjun. Yes, Arjun is a baddie in this movie but he made bad look gooooooooooooood! Thomas faith gets tested over and over again as he falls of the wagon but get back on track after falling for an angel. Throw in some songs, fight scenes but done differently and that’s where you see the difference between Mani Ratnam and other Directors. The music and songs for the movie are top notch with return of A.R. Rahman as Music Director. Other copy cats may try all they want but they can’t duplicate the genius that is A.R. Rahman! 

Welcome back Maestro!!! Good to have you back!
I went for the movie unplanned and enjoyed every single bit of it! Kadal is one of those rare gems that comes out in an ocean of ordinary movies. Swim your way and watch it if you can.

P/s – Kadal means Ocean by the way! 

Awesome combo! Visionary Director and Musical Magician!

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