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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Corona ‘Let the World Wait’ Trip to Koh Samui

So simple ey?

jeng jeng jeng

After the kreziness of Krabi in January with the Krezi Krabi gang who have since become good frens of mine, little did I know that I would again travel to another part of Thailand with new bunch of nuts. This time it was to Koh Samui. Just like Krabi, I came close to visiting this paradise few times before but never had the chance. Aculi, this time oso memang tak patut pegi pun sebab I didn’t win the contest. Heck I didn’t even know there was a contest to go there. Somehow, Thailand must have missed my kreziness so I got an un-resistible offer from one of the winner, Devi that she wants to ‘let go’ of this prize for an unbelievable value. Catch is since it’s organized by an alcohol company, no Malays were allowed to be onboard. Lerrrr…..abisssss….mana aku cari ‘partner’? Scroll scroll fon…called up few Cinapek frens (hey, am racist and that’s how I refer to my Chinese frens so back off!). Found one tapi she kena tarik diri lak! Adoi pening kepala aku. Nak pegi cuti pun susah.

Nex ting I know, I called up another macha fren of mine who aculi won the contest and he suggested a chick’s name yang saya baru approve in my FB fren list. So did sum digging…hmm...nampak ok…boleh geng kut…so got her number. Called up and voila. Thank God and thank you Florina for agreeing in the 11th hour to join me. Tima kasehhhhh!!! I lap yew Princess Sulu!
Specky monkey's!
The day arrived and unfortunately just few days before the departure, my uncle passed away. I was in shock over his loss but figured God must know why things happen such a way. On that morning, I sempat lagi nak pegi bayar bill for my Mom, then I saw Flo dah check in kat Airport at 10 am, pastu tengok status dia, flight timing change. Terkejut beruk aku, mampus kalu miss the flight. I oredi kena once before so I called her up. Rupa-rupanyer tuka just few minute awal. Fuh! Lega! So lepas dah lari ke sana ke mari. I kissed my kitties’ goodbye and was on the way to Subang Airport. I was kinda bumped because this trip clashed with my favorite monthly event with the other gang, iaitu Tourism Selangor. They were going to Subang Airport the next day as part of their #TSDayOut for the month of May. Demmit!!! Takpe lah…what to do…maybe can join next time.

Slight jem on the way almost caused my mini heart attack and finally reached on time. Mula mencari Flo and gelak bila tengok dia. Kecik giler budak neh tapi comei lak. I also bumped into Ganesh (thank for the suggestion Mike!) and Miss Sunshine Kelly. Pastu jumpa borak-borak ngan Flo. Kejap je dah tau budak ni memang sewel so konpem bole geng ngan aku. No need worry about having a boring roommate. Pok pek pok pek and was introduced to another krezi nut by the name of Ivan Chan, chaweng gak budak ni! Borak lagi, another new intro ngan Crystal pulak. Amboi belum pe-pe dah ramai kawan baru. Good good! After slight delay it was time to board the plane. Why hello there Firefly! It’s been a while ey? Naik kapal, dapat makan complimentary Danish cookie and minum apple jus. 

Jum fly Firefly style!
Borak lagi, tau-tau dah landing kat Koh Samui!!! Yeay!!! Betul dah sampai wey!!! Yahooooooooooooooo!!! Thailand, I’m back for more babeh!

After the routine immigration crap and transfer to hotel, we reached “Chaweng Buri Resort”. Chaweng? kekeke…kelakarnyer nama dia! 
Best place to stay when in Koh Samui!
Anyways, lepas dapat kunci, kena paksa berdiri bawah Matahari panas terik for group picture by the organizer, Corona Beer, Malaysia. 
Smile everybadiiiiii!!!
Memang awesome-lah this peopen (hehehe!) because they even helped us to arrange to extra activity while there. They gave us option to pick either one of the activity yang mana both oso involved the Sun, fun and beach! Tapi lepas tengok budget, we picked yang paling economical lar. Tapi still best sebab semua kat Thailand memang BEST!!!

Lepas tuh, check into bilik….makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… naissssssssssss!!! Masuk je dah ada 6 botol Corona Beer waiting, errr…tapi saya tak minum beer so masuk dalam mini fridge jelah. 

Hick hick....hehehe ;)
 Wifi connection memang LAJU giler so apa lagi….zombie mode on. Update status, eksyen kat kawan kat Malaysia. kekeke. I’m in paradise yo!!! Thanks Devi for this timely holiday, just what I need during a crappy time.

Nice ey?
Kalau datang dengan rite 'partner' sure syiok woah!
Lepas dah settle in, we ventured outside. Ko bayangkan lah belah kanan like 5 minute away is the beach, belah kiri 5 minute away is the town! Boleh giler camni weh! Tuka baju sat, pastu keluar cuci mata kat beach, then hit the town. Main jalan je. Check out tings and the peopen. Walk punya walk dah penats and lapar. Sebab malas nak adjust my watch I left it according to Malaysian timing while Flo lagi malas tak pakai jam langsung. Lepas tuh tetiba Nampak banner, 350 bath for buffet’ and live music from 7-10pm…waaaaa….350 bath je…ok lah set! Tengok time, 6.30…hmmm…another half hour to go…jum jalan lagi. Tersempak pulak ngan Ivan and his family.
Say cheappppp???
Pastu we came back to that banner place. Lagi 2 minit nak pukul 7, so I ask-lah…“Your buffet start at 7 yes?” Orang yang tengah susun salad on the plate jawap, “Yes Madame, 7 pm start”… “Hmm..ok…so we go in now?” Dia jawap balik “7 pm Madame”…aku dah cam…yelah dah pukul 7 kut…kitaorg dah lapar…engkau baru nak susun salad lak apahal…so ask again… “so you start 7 pm”…dia jawap balik… “Yes Madame, 7 pm now is 6…” laaaaaaa…..bongok betul! Tulah sapa suruh tak adjust jam!!! Malunyer…so cepat-cepat beredar from there tapi perut dah bunyi pulak. Penat pulak tuh. Another best part of Thailand’s island is, you can find all sort of road side yumminess. Cuma I don’t dare to simply buy and eat whatever they are selling. Silap haribulan kena cirit-birit kang mampus aku. We cari things that looked edible and Nampak mamat tuh jual kacang rebus. Ok lah, boleh lah, jum serang. I beli tuh while Flo bought some bulat-bulat punya kuih. Sekali rasa….makkkkkkk sodapnyer…ok ok esok belik lagi.

Lapar tahan gaban
Kacang pun jadilah!

Since dah penat sangat, we balik bilik and on with zombie mode again. Till it was really 7 pm Thai time. Pegi balik the same place. Tengok the food….waaaaaaaaaaaa…..besnyerrrrrrrrrrr!!! Apa lagi…jum, nom nom nom, nom nom nom, nom nom nom. 

Are you drooling yet?
The food was not only the best, here is the icing on the cake, a local dude was singing all my favorite songs from dulu sampai sekarang. Lepas tuh suara, yarabi….caiqqqqqqqqqqqqq siotttttttttttttttttt!!! He siap can make it sound like the original singer sumore! Memang talented giler lar. Just imagine, walap makanan bes-bes, sip on fresh coconut with live music…waaaaa!!!Best siottttttttttttttt!!! Sunny, the singer’s name, setiap kali he sing my favourite song, aku main jerit jer…wooooo….wooooahh…pastu siap go kacau him for a while, complimented him on his AMAZING VOICE. Then perut dah kenyang giler, hati dah hapi giler, so lepas tuh lagi layan lagu dia. One thing yang giler was the heat, memang panas nak mampus!
We were joined by Crystal and her brother Bryan so adalah borak-borak sikit, lepas tuh jalan jalan beli mangga, sedap woah!!! Then balik bilik and it was another favourite time of mine. Bathtubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!! Yeay! Apa lagi jum rendam…layan FB from the bath tub. Then tetido kejap. Finaly lepas dah cam jeruk. Keluar then layan tengok HBO while Flo pulak gi rendam. Cantek lah dua-dua memang chaweng! Kekeke Finaly dozed off ntah pukul berapa. Tapi ada benda tak best! Kena gigit nyamuk kao kao! Hampeh tul. Dono how they masuk! Whole nite kena kung fu with the damn bugs!

Nex morning bangun and brekpas time. Walap yum yum yum. Pastu get redy for our optional tour. Transport dah ready and this time got geng. Ganesh join ngan his wifey, sister and sister in law. Ok lah, tambah bising ler ini macam. Lepas kena roller coaster sampai kat jeti. 
Lai lai lai
Panjat gi dalam boat. Macam terrer sangat naik atas roof, then the tour dude datang explain wats gonna happen. The journey will take 1 hour 30 minute! Say what!!! Giler lama! Mampus nak dok bawah Matahari that long? So, lepas dia dah explain, I lari bawah hide under the shade. 
Dey Flo, u make me look to BIG lar! :P

Cute gak budak Thai ni!
Pastu jalan ke depan boat amek gamba, borak-borak. Nex thing I know dah tetido on the boat sideway. Kao kao syiok o tido! Praba, Ganesh’s sis oso landing near me. Bangun pastu gelak! Bes la tido.
Nice view huh? Tengok how happy Ganesh is! kekeke
We reached our first island called AngThong National Marine Park. Tengok dia punya description ek…Arrive Angthong National Marine Park visit "Koh Wau Ta Lap", the National Marine Park Headquarters is situated on the central and is located above a clean white sandy beach, climb to view point about 500 meters walk 220 meters high which from the view point there is the picturesque panorama of all the islands, Snorkeling, Swimming, Sunbathing at leisure on the beach. So like a Baus, aku ajak lah Flo, “Jum naik wey, 500 meter je tuh. Alang-alang dah sampai kan”…so…mula lah nak naik. Get this, I was wearing selipar and carrying a sling bag filled with 4 mineral water bottles! 
500 metres my arseeeee larrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Hiking punya hiking, hampeh tul! Jalan memang tade jalan tuh. Kena panjat batu bagai nak rak! Dafug!!! Adoi! Amek ko Mani, nak sangat adventure kan? I huffed and puffed my way to the first point and the view took my breath away….waaaaaaaaa….canteknyerrrrrrrr….

then Flo ask, “So nak naik lagi tak?...mmm..bole je kut” …Faaaaarrrrrk…another ‘asking for it decision’. This time lagi giler!!! Aku almost nak pengsan, sweating nak mampus tapi semangat ada lagi tuh. Reached second point. Double waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..lagi lawa!!! So another point to go…WHATTTTT!!! Ok lah, lantak lah…jum…this time, dah nak nangis dah! Ntah bongok mana ukur. It’s not freaking 500 meters lar ngoks! Orang ini mesti suck in Maths more than me! Chet. 


Dah sampai 3rd point I oredi start to curse. Nape ko gemuk sangat Mani? Kan dah takleh nak panjat! I somehow made my way till the 3rd point and every time I see the view, it makes it worthwhile tapi alih je sight terus dah mula sembur cuss words. Pastu ada mamat tuh cakap, got one last point. 

Resting in case takut pengsan
ERK! It’s ok! I kenot oredi so which was to turun? He jawap ‘same way you come up’ WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!! Murugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! u kidding me? Use same way? Ko gila ke pe? Aku nak panjat tadi pun cam nak mampus ni nak turun pakai jalan tu lagi!!! Silap haribulan slip and fall kang. Aku jadi hantu je kat Pulau ni! 
Almost pengsan pose!
 Nasib Flo was cool enuff and calm me down. “Wey ko dah panjat dah, meh ler turun balik…no problem lar babe, turun lagi senang, just do it slow” Ok Flo, tima kaseh. long story short, I made alive or else takleh tulis post ni kan?
Sampai bawah rasa cam climb Gunung Kinabalu lak! Kekeke…baru je nak masuk air dah kena panggil. “Go back to boat. We going to another island now”. Lerrrrr….apa la! Nasib naik boat je, food dah ready so apa lagi! Serang!!! Mum mum mum, mum mum mum. 
Lai lai lai

Simple yet satisfying!

Lepak borak. Then sampai lak to "Koh Mae Koh". Read this description lake k…visit the emerald salt water lake "Taley Nai" as 200 meters-wide, 250 meters-long & 7 meters-deep, and climb the pathway to view the famous inner sea and snorkeling around the beach. Like hell I wanna trust their measurement after the earlier climb, but something inside of me pushed me to do it, so apa lagi.
Sodap tuh!
Panjat-panjat. This time got tangga but tangga dia cam harem. So damn steep. 
Vel vel! Vel vel!
Daydream and climb. Abis ko! Huff and puff my way and the view AMAZED me again. Muragaaaa….you are great lah God! Simply great! How on Earth did you create such beauty? AMAZINGGGG!!! Thailand will always have my tabik for maintaining and preserving such wonderful creation, sumting Malaysia can learn. Lepas dah Awwwwwwww tengok the Pool. 
View from the tangga!

I start to cuss and make my way down the dreaded stairs. Pasang life jacket and rendam time…memang kao kao rendam for like 1 hour sampai kena jerit panggil naik boat balik. Naik tengok! Amma, I dark oredi!!! Shiteeeeeee!!! I thought kenot dark tapi dah darker!
ERK!!!!! huhuhhu
Demmittt!!! tu lah rendam lagi! Tapi it was worth it I tell ya! Syiok woah!
Another long journey, which I dozed off again, dah sampai balik kat Nathon Pier Koh. Amik transfer balik to Chaweng! Sampai sana gi hunt for the bulat-bulat kuih fella tapi ntah mana dia pi. So we tried this Banana Pancake sold by Myanmar Malays. 
Simple stall that prepares food with their heart and soul

We saw it the nite before and Ivan rekomen, mesti try, so order Nutella Banana Pancake….say with me…makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sodapnyerrrrr….dah tuh so simple to make…unless you are lazy like me! hehehe. 
Beli extra and jalan sambil makan. Sampai bilik, zombie mode again, update status all pastu join Ganesh and his gang kat swimming pool! Best siottttttttttt!!! Kitong je kat sana so buat cam swimming pool sendiri. Melalak melolong, sampai lampu kena off! Chet!

Balik bilik, gi rendam. Tengok kulit Fark! Konpem aku dark duck! Demmit!!!! Lepas dah segar bugar. We ventured to the opposite site of the road. Pastu Nampak lady boys promoting their show. Ehem ehem…rasa cam nak tengok tapi tade gang so tak berani. Tangkap gambar jelah. 
Amacam....ada berani?
Stumble upon another great eating place and order the walap time!!! 

 Then jalan-jalan, enjoy the last nite…cepat kan? Rasa cam baru sampai semalam. Kekeke (Lame joke, I know but I bet u smiled rite?) Memula cam too tired to get a massage but how can you not do a massage when you are in Thailand? Dah lar tempat tuh ada wi-fi. Sebab too penats nak kena lenyek for full Thai massage, we just did the leg ones. Yang tuh pun dah macam nak “Ammaaaaaaaaa!!!!” but again, it was worth it!!!
Dapat wifi je, muka letak kat screen!
Lepas tuh, beli mangga lagi. Balik bilik, rendam to jeruk time. Dah puas so lepak tengok HBO again till dozed off. Bangun next morning tengok mata Flo bengak semacam. Eh…I swear I didn’t anything wey! Hehehe…bole ke dia cakap, the nyamuk gigit her mata! Bapak terrer nyamuk tuh! Kesian budak lidi ni! Lepas lepak jap, tetiba I went all emo lak, so bangun and buka pintu, we got a loverboy visiting us. This kitty cat, so comei and manja nak lepak bilik kami. I let him lepas outside first while I went to the beach to clear my mind. 
It was just me, the beach, the wind…such calm…then two cute dogs joined me. Not only the Thai peopen are frenly, even their pets are frenly giler. Panggil je, dia datang dekat. Sayang sket then he chow. 

Awww… I lap yew Thailand!
Frenly....boys....i tink!
Lepas otak dah clear, pegi balik bilik this loverboy was still there. Since he was a good boy, kasi dia masuk. Flo dah dalam washroom and he was calling for her. Amboi kalah Romeo wey! Nex ting I know he climbed up our bed and made himself comfortable. Hmm…ok lah, fine, manja giler budak ni! 
Tgk tuh!

Geram tengok. Lepas Flo keluar and dia layan. Aku gi mandi. Keluar tengok dah bukan main lagi budak dua ekor neh.

Amek ko!

Lepas dah siap, go walap brekpas one las time sambil kechup with rest of the winners, dah jadi kawan dah even though baru 2 hari. Ivan, Crystal. Bryan, Kelly – lepas ni we try to win more travelling contest together ek. After walap brekpas nampak langit dah mula gelap just like my heart coz in few hours I gotta leave this beautiful country. Pegi to the beach again kejap then angin start to blow kencang. Nasib aku ada dekat kalu tak sure Flo dah terbang kena tiup. Kekeke.
Nice ey? No filter tau!
Wind so strong and syiok!
Back to the room again to do final packing and then since still got time, I decided to look for cashew nuts one last time. Got out, hailed a cab and ask the driver to bring me to pasar where got sell kacang. Dia bawak pegi wet market, tapi still no luck. 

No nuts…then turun kat Tesco…still tarak…arghh…ok lah, I give up. Sorry Akka, I tried my best tapi memang tade. kaler egg!

Should hv bought this!

Preng preng prenggggg
Got out, a middle aged man approached me, “Moto taxi…u want”…huh… “Where u go?” he asked me, “Chaweng Buri”….“Ok come…moto taxi, 100 bath oni” Owh…ok…bes gak naik moto, ingat balik time naik moto kat Krabi. It was drizzling and the ride just took like 10-15 minutes. Yeay!!! Dapat gak aku naik moto kat Koh Samui! Got off and the people there was like…. “Waaaaa…..u took a motorbike ride….so daring one lah?” “Errrr….yaaaa…dekat je kut”….

Masuk bilik, angkut barang and was transferred to the airport. Blardy damn hot I tell you. Was sweating in buckets in my new Koh Samui shirt! Once everybody was there, we took another group photo. 
Then mula another mini bonding session. Sibuk snap gamba left, right and centre. Usik-usik, borak-borak, gelak-gelak! Thailand makes people become friendly I tell ya! 
Tengok tuh! Muka manusia sewel! I loike! Miss you nuts!
Sambil sweat, sambil wipe the sweat, sambil make joke, sambil laugh, sambil happy happy but sad kena leave so soon! Sigh…

After another looooooooooooong que to the get passport stamped, we lepas to the lounge area. Air con!!! YEAY!!! Got some complimentary snacks sumore 
Bole la layan!
WIFIIIIIIIIII!!! Double yeay….so zombie mode on lah! In between still borak-borak, take more picture, gelak-gelak! Bising betul. 

This wat happens after u spent some time with me! U go nuts!
 The plane arrived on time and I boarded with a very heavy heart. I left another piece of my heart in another part of Thailand. I promise I’m not done with you yet Land of Smiles. 
Konpem bole bwk jalan jauh! Thanks Flo!

I will be back again and again. Heck I might just migrate here one day. Kena decide nak gi Bangkok ke, Krabi ke, Pattaya ke, Hatyai…mmm…mebbe not, Phuket ke…and speaking of Phuket…one of krezi Krabi chick just ajak me to go Phuket so guess what??? I’m going back soon! YEAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Went to all these places oredi and wanna go again and again and again and....
With this I would like to thank Corona Beer, Malaysia for organizing this contest and Thank You Devi for ‘letting go’ this prize at an excellent time. Florina for stepping at nick of the time! Ganesher for suggesting Flo’s name! Thank you Miau Akka for lending me your camera! Thank you Thailand for being there for me, my paradise to escape reality and let myself loose.
Now let me to pack for my upcoming Phuket trip which I bet gona be giler babi best!!! Yahoooo!!! 

P/s - If wanna look at more pix, pls click the link below! Khap Khun Kaaaaa

Koh Samui ui ui ui

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