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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

White House Down review

White House Down review – Did you catch Olympus Has Fallen earlier this year? Did you like it? Do you like watching White House getting blown into pieces? If you said yes to any of these questions then by all means go ahead and catch all of the above happen once again with different actors and slightly different story line yet with the same outcome – White House getting blown apart.
Channing ‘all over my’ Tatum (you will get the meaning if you’ve been following his update recently partner up with Jamie Foxx (how the heck he got elected as POTUS is beyond my imagination!) and try to survive from getting shot and blown up. Channing’s character, John Cale is a cop trying to land a job a Secret Service agent but blows the interview and try to save face in front of his daughter who is obsessed with anything and everything about White House by taking her on tour of the Capitol Building. They somehow get caught in the middle of an attack on the President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx’s role). The fun part or not so fun part is trying to guess who the bad guy is. As usual of course the Arab’s were on top of the list of suspects but guess what? Here’s a hint…it’s not a ‘Secret’ once you figure out the President new policy regarding his military plans.
There’s loads of kaboom, bedegang, boom, bang bang scene…the Director went trigger happy trying to blow up almost every corner of the United States center of command. Loads of action sequence with comic relief from Channing and Jamie. Channing daughter in the movie was kinda annoying at times despite her vast ‘talent’. Leave you logic outside the cinema and just try to survive the movie till the end.
I crashed at certain part of the movie. Not sure if I was tired and bored till I dozed off. Even so, I don’t think I missed any important part in the movie. Maybe my eyes just skipped more blow up scenes. I’m surprised I was tired after watching this movie while John Cale still had energy to accompany the President after almost getting blown into pieces every five (5) minutes! Terrer ah u Channing!  

P/s - Thank you The Score Magazine for the preview ticket and hey at least I got a sling bag for this flick to carry around! 

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