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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Johnny Depp eh I mean The Lone Ranger review

Dynamic Duo or Disaster Duo?

The Johnny Depp eh I mean The Lone Ranger review – Cue the familiar Lone Ranger theme song while imagining Johnny and Armie riding into the Sunset as Tonto and John Reid respectively. Well stop imagining and go watch this movie because I enjoyed this movie which in my opinion was beyond expectation. After reading some bad reviews for this flick I was thinking it’s gona be another ‘Hang Over 3’esque’ (Read: Bluegghhhh, why did they make this movie!) but I was surprised, really surprised. It’s was NOT that bad, maybe those reviewers were expecting another Pirates of the Caribbean blow up since the same team are behind this TV to big screen adaptation.
Tonto : You know I like you rite?
Reid : ermm...oook.... (looks away to avoid awkward eye contact!)
Leave your Oscar review persona out the door and simply enjoy the ride. The story is very western with the desert, the horse, the Indians (not Malaysia’s or Indian’s Indian but Red Indians ok! DUH!) and what’s with them cowboys who look like they never ‘mandi’? So damn ‘kotor’ wey! Their fugly mullet, unshaven beard, cloths that looks like it’s never been washed! Kotor giler tau! Eeeeekkkkssss! If my cowboy macam tuh, dah kena campak kat some oasis dah! “Get yourself nice and clean before you come to the bed you smelly monkey! You hear me!” Hehehe
There's no one like you Mr. 21 Jump Street!
Damn you Tim Burton!
I can’t picture anybody else playing the quirky ‘Tonto’ other than the Great Johnny Depp! This dude can’t do no wrong at portraying this kinda ‘watak-watak mereng’. Damn chun wey!  While Armie managed to hold his ground as John Reid aka The Lone Ranger. Their chemistry was quite good thru out the movie. I can see them riding into the wilderness for a few more sequels if they can find a proper story to tell. Special mention for ‘Mrs. Tim Burton’, Helena Bonham Carter, she might hold small role but she just shines whenever she appears on screen. The villain, Butch Cavendish played by William Fichtner…this dude…YUCK! Yup! That sums up how I felt about his role, which means he was that good! The rest of the supporting cast managed their character well as well.
Yummy Armieeeeee!!!!
The movie is told in a narrative way, you may not figure out who is telling ‘the story’ until maybe a bit later but once you figure ‘who’ it is you will be amazed at the make-up work done! It may be a western story from donkey years ago but it’s still relatable to our time. We get to witness what greed does to people. How trusts are betrayed, innocent lives are lost for benefit of few. In the end hoping justice will prevail.
DAFUG with all the bad reviews man? o.O
Hi ho Silver!  and catch this dynamic duo if you trust my instinct.

Thank you Klips for the preview ticket! 

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