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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Wolverine review

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The Wolverine review – First of all, I’m starting to lose track of the prequel, sequel and current timeline for the whole X-Men series. I thought this flick was sequel for X-Men Origins: Wolverine tapi rupa-rupanya it’s the sequel for X-Men: The Last Stand but some sites says this is a stand-alone movie. Ntah ler aku pun tak paham. What I understand is Wolverine is part of The X-Men. Full stop.
Like my 'extended nails'?
When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought either it’s gonna be awesome or erk!. Lepas dah tengok, I’m rating it in between awesome and erk!. Some scenes are damn powerful while others just fell flat. If you ask me, it felt more like Wolverine was being featured in this picture instead of being the main focus. It’s like Wolverine longing to be Logan, the human after losing the love of his life, Jean Grey. Logan appears trying to save a Japanese chick (Mariko) whose dad was also saved by him years before. Logan gets invited to Japan the say goodbye to the dying Yashida whom have since become one of the powerful man in Land of The Rising Sun. Little did Logan know, this dying Japanese old man had some other plan for him. Enter other supporting Nippon characters here and there and you pretty much feel like you have learned quite a bit of Japanese culture in case you are visiting Tokyo sometime in the future.
Leave the Samurai sword to the Ninja's please.
Hugh Jackman was in his usual buffed body with veins popping out like it’s gonna explode if he growl any further! He was shirtless most of the times to the delight of his female fans. He really does embody the animal in human body well. I can’t think of anybody else playing one of the most loved Marvel character. Case of point…cuba imagine Ryan Gosling with claws coming out his hands…not nice kan? Coming across his training regimen in order to bring Wolverine to the bring screen, this dude memang committed giler and deserve all the praise. However I feel something fell short. It was just not the same good feeling I had with the rest of the X-Men franchise. Even with appearance of Jean Grey once in a while, which after sometime got quite annoying, die ready kan? So stay dead lar Jean! Why mess up an already messed up guy’s brain?
Time for a break maybe Wolverine?
I don’t know man…maybe I’m getting tired of Wolverine hogging all the limelight from his other X-Men gang. Perhaps it’s time for Wolverine to rest for a while and maybe let Gambit, Cyclops or Storm have their spotlight. If there’s gonna be a prequel, sequel or whatnot, I can’t think how else they gona ‘milk’ Wolverine/Logan role. My verdict for this…watch it if you want or don’t, it’s up to you. If you decide to catch it, stay till the end of credit because I think that last few minutes was far more exciting compared to this almost two (2) hour long feature.   
Thank you hot magazine for the goodies and awesome pre-screening party!
I went kinda Wolwy myself and scored some awesome prize! Terima kasih again hot magazine!

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