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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

R.I.P.D review

Dead but still not rest!
R.I.P.D review – I bet all if not most of us wonder what happens to us once we ‘kick the bucket’ rite? Well, some believe we will reincarnate, some thinks we will end up in heaven or hell depending how good or bad we were while alive. Apparently if you are a cop and die suddenly, you get a chance to ‘redeem’ yourself before facing ‘judgment day’ by ‘being offered’ to work at the ‘Rest in Peace Department’. This what happens to Nick Walker (played by Ryan Reynolds) upon his untimely demise. He gets ‘backstabbed’ by his partner in the Boston PD and ends up being a rookie at the ‘higher version’ of Police Department, this time partnered with old time lawman Roy Pulsipher (played by Jeff Bridges) to catch ‘deado’ who refuse to leave the Earth despite their death.
Don't mess with us deado's!
Both Nick and Roy stumble upon bigger plan by the deado’s once Nick track back his former crime partner. Together they have to stop this plot before it endangers the living world. They jump off buildings, get hit by bus and such in the process. It’s kinda like Men in Black, Jeff kinda looks like Tommy Lee Jones while Ryan is the ‘white’ version of Will Smith, except that they are ‘dead’ instead of being ‘erased’. RIPD hunts for deado while MIB went after aliens. Yup…that’s it. Add few humors to the line and if this flick scores well at the box office (which I doubt), I bet the Producer will come up with a sequel or two.
Think we can get a sequel buddy?

The chemistry between Ryan and Jeff was ok. Pretty much like…yup Will and Tommy in MIB. They annoy each other. Look after each other (most of the time). When they get their head together, they could save the world. Ryan is yummy as ever, while Jeff’s way of talking was a bit too odd for me. Then there is also Mary-Louise Parker as Mildred Proctor, their Supervisor. Kevin Bacon is back on the big screen as the baddie together with James Hong and Marisa Miller as Nick and Roy’s avatar respectively plus few fugly looking deado’s who are allergic to Indian food!
Dream avatar? hehehe

This movie is one of those no brainer just fun watch. However the 3D effect was done very well. You can feel the fire burning, water splashing, things flying towards you almost very realistically. Other than that, just enjoy the glimpse of Marissa in her skimpy tight cloths and drool over Ryan like I did. Take your pals and have a few good laughs. 
Tengkiu Churp Churp!
Thanks Churp Churp for the 3D preview screening! Me really enjoying the perks of attending your awesome . Looking forward to the next one. If you still not are missing out a lot lor! Churp if you agree! hehehe :D  

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